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By Laurie Buckle, editor

October 28th, 2009

Chocolate and I go way back. And considering my memory isn’t my best feature, I’m often surprised by how well I remember what chocolate I was eating when, from the Cadbury bars I discovered in the vending machines at Waterloo (London, 1977) to the Burdick chocolate mice (with ribbon tails!) my son and I found in Cambridge during a college-hunting trip (fall, 2003).

I keep a list in my head of favorites, though the top spot hasn’t shifted in years: Bendick’s Military Chocolate (London, 1978). It’s still there for two reasons: a. because I was dating my now-husband when I discovered it, and b. because I can’t find it anymore (I have a terrible feeling it’s been discontinued). So top of the heap it stays, probably for all time.

But I’m always open to new discoveries, one of the main reasons I’m heading to the Chocolate Show in New York this weekend (well that, and the chance to meet readers and sign copies of our new book, Absolutely Chocolate--shameless self promotion!) Come and say hi on Sunday at 11am and 3pm in the event’s Barnes & Noble bookstore.

In the meantime, check out our live stream from the Chocolate Show Friday and Saturday. We'll stream cooking demos from some of the best pastry chefs and chocolatiers around. It's the next best thing to being there. You should also check out the live stream to find out how you can get a free copy of Absolutely Chocolate.

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cyndiok writes: Hi Laurie,
I am a total chocolate fan as well and I am sure that the book is great. I have been going to the chocolate show in NY for several years now and I must admit that this year was disappointing as they did not have enough vendors , but those who were there did a great job showcasing their talents. It still was a lot of fun and I always learn something new and different. Posted: 11:05 am on November 3rd

Adele writes: I've been following this on Facebook! Can't wait to see the live feeds. Posted: 11:36 am on October 30th

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