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Video: How to Make Single-Crust Pecan and Pumpkin Pies

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Video Length: 8:50
Produced by: Produced by: Produced by Sarah Breckenridge. Videography by Bruce Becker, Dariusz Kanarek, and John Ross. Edited by Cari Delahanty. Food styling by Safaya Tork.

In this episode of our CooksClub-exclusive video series, Pies & Tarts with Abby Johnson Dodge, you'll learn the special challenges of baking pecan and pumpkin pies, two Thanksgiving favorites. Abby also teaches you how to crimp the crust, how to blind-bake to keep the crust crisp, and how to keep the filling from cracking.

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Chocolate Pecan Pie Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate-Pecan Pie   Pumpkin Praline Pie

If apple pie is on your Thanksgiving menu this year, watch Abby's video on How to Make a Double-Crust Apple Pie and get her classic apple pie recipe.

We've made both episodes free to everyone during Thanksgiving. If you enjoy this episode and want to learn more from Abby (like how to make a pressed-in cookie crust, or her method of creating a flaky, buttery piecrust) check out the introduction to the 10-part video series and join CooksClub for an all-access pass.


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forbesrhf writes: I've always had a problem with the crust slumping down the sides and the crimp losing shape and definition. Dodge's instruction to trim the edge to 3/4" rather than 1/2", and then to make sure not to pull the dough from the inside of the pan, but rather to use plenty of rolled-under dough to make the crimp, helps prevent this. Also, I very much appreciate the tip to fill the pan very high with weights to help the sides of the dough to stay in place. I also think that resting the crimped pie in the fridge for as long as possible-an hour or longer-before baking will help prevent contraction of the gluten, which contributes to side-slumping and deformation of the crimp. Posted: 8:05 am on November 26th

Pielove writes: Excellent video, I also learned a lot and I am already an ace pie baker. Also, the production is very good-- good pacing and most things (like the crimping) are easily visible. Great tips on blind-baking a crust-- I never knew to press in the foil on the bottom and up the sides. Good thing I watched this, I am making pumpkin pie for T'giving this year. Thanks Abby! Posted: 8:22 pm on November 13th

wishtocook writes: Great Video I learned alot !!! Posted: 1:51 pm on November 11th

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