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As beautiful as it is, David Guass Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafer Crumble features my biggest deal-breaker food: bananas.

As beautiful as it is, David Guas's Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafer Crumble features my biggest deal-breaker food: bananas.

By Laurie Buckle, editor

November 12th, 2009

I can’t do bananas, not under any circumstances. Not in an otherwise tasty berry smoothie. Not in a delicious if ridiculously named island cocktail. Not in a tempting billowy pie. And not in David Guas’ all-but-irresistible Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafer Crumble, which he was serving at The Taste of T, an annual event that combines design (gorgeous showroom kitchens) and dining (from David’s puddings to Dan Barber’s shots of homemade V8 mixed with a kind of buttermilk parfait).

David’s a Fine Cooking contributor (wait until you see what he’s got baking in our next issue), a pastry chef, and the author of a new book called DamGoodSweet (written with another Fine Cooking contributor, Raquel Pelzel, and published by the Taunton Press). There is so much in this book to love; why couldn’t he have made the Café au Lait Crème Brûlée, the Red Velvet Cake, or the Lemon Ice Box Pie?

Of course, I couldn’t say that, so I was left to my own devices, walking the 11 floors of New York’s famed Architects & Designers Building, fantasizing about the kitchens and sampling the wares of others. Poor me (not!).

There’s no explanation for my little banana problem; I was born with the aversion. Is there a food you feel this way about? A deal-breaker in any dish?

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CityGardner writes: Everyone I know goes insane over goat cheese. They consider me most unsophisticated in my food taste because I can't even stand the smell of it. I haven't walked around goats in a petting zoo or on a farm but it sounds about right. Posted: 11:13 pm on January 26th

Frimmy writes: Not only do I detest fennel it actually makes me ill. Same with tarragon.

Goat cheese repulses me because it tastes exactly the way a goat smells walking around all perky in the petting zoo/barn yard.

Banana's I don't eat, can't stand them, but I like banana flavour so I don't think it's technically a deal breaker.

Organ meats. Dress them up any way you want, it's not going to change anything for me. Posted: 8:14 pm on January 19th

TheNaptimeChef writes: Too much fennel - ugh! Can't stand it. Posted: 10:01 pm on November 21st

fluffernutter writes: This is such a coincidence -- I'm blogging on a Nashvile blog right now about dealbreaker flavors, and mine is saffron. Not just bitter, but also expensive.

And Denise, I'm with you on eggs -- I loathe them, but most especially in dessert. Flan, custard, souffle -- I can even taste the eggs in my neighbor's cranberry macadamia cookies. No thanks.

Posted: 9:30 am on November 21st

SarahJB writes: Celery! I know, it's so mild, so benign, ha--not to me. I cannot stand it in soups, in sausages, in stock. The taste is so overpowering, and don't even get me started on celery seed--gross. Thank goodness for fennel--in my house, the holy trinity is carrots, fennel, and onion. Posted: 11:58 am on November 19th

DMickelsen writes: I agree with the melon issue too! It's such a strong flavor, it takes over anything it comes in contact with. I'll never understand it! Posted: 12:23 pm on November 17th

axncatsma writes: Melon. All of 'em. But cantaloupe in particular grosses me out just smelling it. And then there's the texture of a melon. That grainy cotton-candy meltaway texture. Eww. Many, many, many a fruit bowl has been ruined by the addition of melon. Like LondonSarah, I can't even pick around them. Anything they touch is ruined for me. Posted: 11:14 pm on November 16th

Kirsa writes: I actually have three ingredients that can ruin a perfectly good meal instantly.

capers. I never could understand the attraction. it smells, ans tastes awful to me... Apparently capers are refined. Well then I'm a proud barbarian.

Raspberries. They are the rage. They are everywhere. I can't stand them ! People will usually think that you don't like the crunchy seeds or wathever. well, there is that. but the taste... is simply not something I want.

olives. please. don't. use. any. I usually re-try those every now and then, and always come up with the same diagnostic.... EEEWWW ! Posted: 7:20 pm on November 16th

LondonSarah writes: I'm with you on bananas--I call them the demon fruit. Yuck!

Also cooked bell peppers (any colour)--I can't even pick them out of a dish because the smell and taste affects everything that touches them. They are just repulsive. Posted: 8:06 am on November 15th

DMickelsen writes: Oh Laurie, your banana aversion makes me so sad! Banana desserts - especially banana pudding - are one of life's greatest pleasures, in my opinion. I wish you'd brought some of David Guas' pudding back to the office for me!

Then again (as you know), I don't do eggs, so who am I to talk? I know, it sounds crazy... my husband says I'm a freak for not liking eggs, but I just can't. Not fried, or scrambled, or in egg salad (my idea of hell), or poached... yuck, yuck, yuck. Posted: 3:02 pm on November 13th

legalcat writes: Too much cilantro or dill. A little goes a long way with my taste buds. Posted: 12:39 pm on November 13th

Sheri writes: Asparagus. It's disgusting and if it's in any food I can't choke it down. I've tried cooking it a million ways to see if I can find a way to like it, and there isn't. It's a lifelong aversion. Posted: 7:43 pm on November 12th

RDA writes: I know the FC ladies will look at me sideways for this one, but my deal-breaker food is goat cheese. I had one of those “never forget where you were” moments the first time goat cheese ever landed in my mouth (a total accident, by the way). It ruined a perfectly good hand-crafted, four-cheese pizza. A three-cheese pie would have been fine with me. Posted: 2:28 pm on November 12th

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