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The Food Lovers Christmas Wish List

On Lauries list: flatware from Artware Editions: Bone Cutlery by John Gerrard

On Laurie's list: flatware from Artware Editions: Bone Cutlery by John Gerrard

By Fine Cooking Editors, editor

December 10th, 2009

In this post, which Fine Cooking editors will conveniently leave open on their laptops for family members to see, the ladies publish their Christmas wish lists and cross their fingers they're on Santa's "nice" list. What foodie gifts are you giving or receiving this year?

Denise starts us off:

Stuff my stocking with Green & Black's new organic Peanut Bar, which combines milk chocolate with caramelized peanuts and sea salt. It's quite tasty, and now available at retail stores like Target and Whole Foods.

From the oldest family butcher in England, traditional pork bangers and "back bacon," for serving with our customary Christmas Day pancake breakfast. 

I'm actually buying these for a number of hungry family members this year, but I'd love my own combo pack of Callie's Charleston Biscuits. My favorite variety is the Country Ham, which includes minced artisanal Virginia country ham, Dijon mustard-butter, and a cream cheese biscuit dough. They're ridiculously delicious.

Now, here's a regift I can live with: The new grocery bag from Arctecnica Stretch Bag is made from recycled billboards. Sign me up!

And, who doesn't like a good read under the tree? Just out from one of my favorite food writers and storytellers, Nigel Slater, Tender, vol. 1: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch.

Denise Mickelsen, associate editor

I’m a jerky fanatic, always interested in trying new types (alligator and salmon are among my favorites). A  membership to the Jerky of the Month Club would be appreciated all year long.

The decadent Scotch Candy Bar from San Francisco-based BonBonBar unites two of my passions (chocolate and alcohol). If you're so inclined, make it a double.

The Foodie Survival Kit makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone who feels lost without their seasonings.

I have too much specialized glassware, but a set of these pastis glasses would be a wonderful reminder of my trip to France last year.

One thing I never have enough of is dishtowels. These pretty wine label tea towels sure would be fun to have. Hint, hint.

Lisa Waddle, Managing Editor

And Laurie's list is short and sweet:

A real ham

Stunning flatware (thanks Denise)

One of these fun mugs

Anything from iittala's Taika line, but especially these plates

And of course, a goose. That's on everybody's wish list, right?

Laurie Buckle, editor

Sarah says: You mean other than a totally new kitchen? Well, I suppose there are a few things:

An antique copper mold or skimmer from Sur La Table's new antiques collection, to adorn the wall of said totally new kitchen.

A copy of Michael Psilakis's new coobook How to Roast a Lamb: New Greek Classic Cooking.

Chocolate-covered clementines from Zingerman's. Oh, and while you're at it, stuff my stocking with a tub of Zingerman's unbelievably fresh-tasting cream cheese for Christmas breakfast. It's a world away from those foil-wrapped bricks.

Sarah Breckenridge, web producer

So what's on your give and get list? Share your great finds with us by posting a comment below.


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Comments (4)

RDA writes: Major bummer, everyone. I just went to Zingerman's site and their chocolate-covered clementines were so hot, they're sold out for the season. Hope somebody was paying attention last week! Posted: 12:26 pm on December 15th

Amy writes: I ordered Callie's ham biscuits for New Year's Day brunch! Sooooo gooood! Posted: 7:43 pm on December 14th

DMickelsen writes: Lisa, they really are out of this world. I think you're right - the best combo pack would be the country ham plus the cinnamon biscuits. The best of both worlds! Posted: 12:18 pm on December 10th

LisaWaddle writes: Denise,
Those biscuits look insanely good. I may also have to try their cinnamon version, to feed my sweet tooth. Posted: 10:35 am on December 10th

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