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Making Quenelles

By Melissa Pellegrino, contributing editor

December 29th, 2009

Traditionally, the word “quenelle” refers to a small, oval-shaped dumpling of poached fish or meat, but today, chefs form everything from ice cream to mashed potatoes into this distinctive dumpling shape. In the Devil’s Food Cake Verrines, quenelles made of chocolate mousse add an extra touch of elegance to the dessert.

To create a quenelle, you’ll need two spoons of the same size. The size of the spoon will determine the size of your quenelle.

making quenelles   With a spoon in each hand, scoop a generous amount of mousse into one spoon. Gently press the bowl of the second spoon against the mousse, scooping the contents from the first spoon into the second.
making quenelles   Transfer the mousse back to the first spoon in the same manner. This begins to create a smooth, rounded surface where the mousse molded to the spoon.
making quenelles   Keep scooping back and forth until you have a nice, smooth oval shape.

Photos: Scott Phillips


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