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shaoxing wine

shaoxing wine
what is it?

Shaoxing wine is a type of Chinese rice wine.

Made from fermented rice, Shaoxing wine is an essential ingredient in Chinese cuisine. It tastes much like dry sherry, which can be used as a substitute.

don't have it?

Don't substitute Japanese rice wines (sake or mirin), which have different flavors altogether. A better substitute is dry sherry.

how to choose:

You can find Shaoxing in Asian markets; try to buy a brand that doesn’t contain added salt.

how to prep:

In addition to the recipes above, here are more ways to use your bottle of Shaoxing:

• Mix with dark brown sugar, soy sauce, and grated ginger to make a glaze for grilled pork or chicken.

• Stir-fry sliced beef with yellow and red bell peppers, then add a sauce made with Shaoxing, oyster sauce, a
pinch of sugar, soy sauce, and some sesame oil.

• Make “drunken chicken,” a Chinese classic: Poach a whole chicken in water with ginger and scallion, then chop it into eight pieces, marinate it overnight in Shaoxing, and serve cold.

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CarlyMol writes: I actually created an account here just to let you know NOT to click on "ricewinelover" post. My virust protection came up saying it was "attacked" and it stopped it. I had opened the shaoxing link here that is given. I don't understand why these morons have to do this...sick people. Posted: 2:43 pm on July 8th

sbreckenridge writes: LucyMontreal, no, Japanese rice wines have a different flavor profile and aren't a good substitute for shaoxing...dry sherry is better, though as ricewinelover notes, not a perfect substitute. Posted: 3:46 pm on February 9th

LucyMontreal writes: Can I substitute Japanese rice wine or cooking sake?
Posted: 5:43 pm on January 31st

ricewinelover writes: Unless you live in a city with a large Chinatown, you are unlikely to find "Drinking-Quality" Chinese rice wine, aka Shaoxing rice wine. That is why many recipes suggest that you can substitute with Dry Sherry, as this recipe does. But the taste isn't authentic, and not nearly as savory. You can find and buy real Chinese rice wine at Posted: 6:25 pm on April 3rd

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