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Video Series: How to Make Chinese Dumplings

Video Length: 1:16
Produced by: Produced by Sarah Breckenridge; videography by Gary Junken; edited by Mike Dobsevage

Forget any dumplings you've had before. Cooking teacher, chef, and food writer Thy (pronounced tee) Tran is here to give you a step-by-step lesson in making the best-ever classic Chinese dumplings (jiao zi).

In this video series, Thy walks you through the process, explaining how to prepare a simple flour and water dough for the dumpling wrappers, how to cut and roll out the dough, and how to fill and shape the dumplings for boiling or pan-frying as pot stickers.

Watch the entire series: How to Make Chinese Dumplings.

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Very nice presentation. Does anyone know if rice wrappers would work for this recipe or would they be too flimsy? I try to avoid wheat gluten if I can. I sure will put the filling to use in some way.
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This is an excellent and intriguing introduction to making
pot stickers. I would like to see the entire video. As soon as I can see the whole thing I'll make a batch and report back.

I understood that the entire video was to be available on Dec. 28th. Is that correct? Posted: 4:22 pm on January 4th

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