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The Great Brownie Debate

Whats your tried-and-true brownie recipe?

What's your tried-and-true brownie recipe?

By Jennifer Armentrout, editor

February 4th, 2010

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, chocolate has been on our minds lately—brownies in particular. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to this iconic chocolate treat. We'd like to hear from you. If you could have only one brownie recipe in your repertoire, what would it be? Cakey or fudgy? Nuts or not? Glazed on top or plain? Do you like the edge pieces or do you go straight for the center?

Share your ideal brownie with us by leaving a comment, or upload an original recipe to our Recipe Exchange. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites from the magaizine. The top three represent the cakey vs. fudgy debate, and the bottom three are for those brownie lovers out there who like a little something extra mixed in.

cakey brownie recipe chewy brownie recipe fudgy brownie recipe
Cakey Brownies   Chewy Brownies   Rich, Fudgy Brownies


peppermint brownie recipe port ganache brownie recipe fudgy brownie recipe
Peppermint Brownies   Port Ganache-Glazed Brownies with Dried Cherries   Double Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies
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Comments (8)

ahimsachef writes: I'm still searching for the perfect recipe, but for now Trader Joe's Truffle Brownies are my favorite. Posted: 3:27 am on February 13th

BasementBaker writes: Any brownie is alright with me. Alice Medrich has a recipe on that I love. It uses american process cocoa powder - so much easier than chopping chocolate and still super rich. Oh, the Rich, Fudgy Brownies recipe above also uses cocoa powder. Posted: 11:46 am on February 11th

AuntJenny writes: I love them all-- cakey, fudgy, nuts/no nuts, etc. The only criterion for me is to use REALLY good ingredients: you can't make a good brownie without good chocolate. Every year for her birthday, I send my dear friend Maura (THE brownie diva) a pound or so of unsweetened Scharffen Berger chocolate so she can elevate her already awesome brownies to the next level. Check out her blog post about it:
Posted: 4:37 pm on February 10th

cookykamp writes: My "go-to" brownie is Fine Cooking's recipe for "Rich, Fudgy Brownies". They are awesome! I add pecans to the recipe, as we love a Rich, Fudgy, Nutty brownie. Love, love, love 'em! Posted: 2:58 pm on February 10th

darladog writes: I like to make the Five Minute brownie recipe on the box of Baker's Un Sweetened Chocolate. I add nuts most times and occasionally bittersweet chocolate chips. Posted: 12:25 pm on February 8th

JofSouthbury writes: I would love to find the recipe for my Grandmother's brownies, as I will forever compare all scratch brownies with hers. They were light in weight and not filling, but a nice combo of cake-fudge together. If I find it, I'll send it in. Posted: 12:41 pm on February 7th

liannenc writes: I love fudgy brownies, and my husband and daughter would eat any kind I make as long as I leave out nuts (which I also love!). I've recent discovered Ina Garten's "Outrageous Brownies" recipe and it is truly "to die for" ... it's so good that now anytime my friends have a gathering, I am the designated brownie bringer! I will use box mixes, though, and my favorite is the Truffle Brownie one from Trader Joe's... easy and yummy! Posted: 11:10 am on February 6th

Pielove writes: Alas, we are a house divided! I love the chewy brownies, my five-year-old daughter prefers the fudgy, and my husband would rather have a pie. Luckily we can have it all-- and we will have it all, because I am on a major pantry and freezer cleaning rampage. So that unsweetened chocolate, and that cocoa-- they all have to go. Fortunately, I have help. Just last week my daughter made her first batch of brownies, measuring the dry ingredients, mixing and sifting. More brownies!! Posted: 11:52 am on February 5th

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