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Ultimate Pizza Dough

By Andy Corson, contributor

February 27th, 2010

Ok, so since I work for the Taunton Press (Fine Cooking's parent company), I get free copies of every publication that comes out. But, I would totally pay for Real Italian! Do you want to know why? For this pizza dough recipe - PETER REINHART'S PIZZA DOUGH.

I know he hasn't responded to my Facebook friend request yet, but I still think Peter is awesome and one of the most knowledgable, astute bakers out there. So, check out the recipe and go get yourself a copy of Real Italian. If you don't see it on your newsstand you can buy the issue here.

Andy - aka the Basement Baker.

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tscholl writes: Thank you, Pielove! I agree completely. Whatever the virtues of Rienhart's dough, I rarely have the luxury of a minimum 8-hour refrigeration time! Pizza dough needn't be complicated. Posted: 3:08 pm on May 1st

Pielove writes: And if you are a subscriber, this recipe was [ahem] already published in Fine Cooking 92, pp. 68 March 12, 2008. That said, my current pizza dough love is Evan Klieman's recipe from FC 49 in 2002:

Kleiman's recipe comes together easily in the food processor and doesn't require a lot of messing around, nor long refrigeration steps. Plus, it is delicious. Maybe I need to have a pizza party to taste these two side-by-side. Posted: 8:45 pm on February 28th

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