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Cook the Issue 2010: Chicken Noodle Soup with Lemongrass

By Pielove, member

March 11th, 2010

We eat a lot of noodles and I often make Chicken or Beef Pho.  This soup really kicks my usual pho recipe out of the kitchen because: 1. The lemongrass adds a lightness and sparkle to the broth flavor to offset the heaviness of the chicken stock.  2. Instead of the traditional rice noodles, the udon have a very satisfying texture and great slurp.  Of course, it also retains the best aspects of pho, the rich broth, succulent noodles, and fresh herb garnishes.  

Another beautiful thing about this recipe is that it is very adaptable to individual tastes-- indeed, I felt like the three bears making our soup bowls: Daddy bear gets a big dollop of hot sauce, Mommy bear gets potatoes because she misjudged the amount of udon, plus lots of garnish, and baby bear gets noodle and meat, but NO GREEN BITS.  Everyone is happy.  To accomodate baby bear, we skipped the bird chili in favor of a Thai Chili garlic sauce garnish.  I also used Fish sauce instead of soy sauce, because I love that fish sauce funk.

In summary, great recipe, which we will make again and again.  I can't wait to try the rest of the noodle recipes from this article.

Edited to add the link to the recipe...

Recipe Used: Chicken Noodle Soup with Lemongrass

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Comments (5)

Pielove writes: The recipe is here: Posted: 8:39 pm on March 17th

SarahJB writes: @ Crocker33, the recipe is in Fine Cooking, Issue #104, which is stated in the title. Posted: 7:11 pm on March 16th

Crocker33 writes: I never found your recipe. I'll get one somewhere else.
Jack Posted: 11:08 am on March 15th

Pielove writes: Hi Denise!

Thanks! Ooh, I saw the new Cook the Issue Challenge in the magazine, but didn't see it on the website yet. I don't think I'm eligible to win, because I won the Updated Classics challenge a while ago. That said, I am very excited to play along-- I have been in such a cooking rut and the new issue is so lovely. See you in the gallery!

Cheers, Jen

P.S. I'm rather glad not to be in the running-- remember making all those permutations on creamy vegetable soups for the first challenge-- well, this time it's variations on cheesecake. I need to find a few potlucks to spread those calories around! Posted: 12:03 pm on March 12th

legalcat writes: Nicely none! Are you starting us off on the Cook the Issue Challenge? Posted: 10:47 am on March 12th

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