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Gummy Gnocchi

By Brian Geiger, contributor

July 25th, 2010

rcooper mentioned on Twitter:

Gnocchi cooked up rather gooey. Don't know what happened there. Taste was good, but texture was not so great...

Fine Cooking has a great recipe for potato gnocchi. There are a couple of other hints in there, especially potato type. Primarily, though, remember to minimize additional moisture so that you can minimize flour. If you can find someone who makes gnocchi well, I highly recommend bribing them so that you can witness a session, and feel the dough when it's at its proper consistency. It's soft and silky, and it's also really hard to describe adequately. If you can experience it, you'll have an easier time ensuring that you've added the proper amount of flour and no more.

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nuccia writes: I also plan to try baking the potatoes--it makes a lot of sense.

Also, as another food geek, what popped immediately into my head after reading your post today was to use bread or another high gluten flour rather than all purpose, then let the dough sit for at least 15-30 minutes to let the flour absorb more of the moisture from the potatoes. Thoughts? Posted: 1:36 pm on November 5th

RainCitychef writes: Having learned to make gnocchi inItaly, I know the secret to pillowy dumplings is baking the potatoes (russets) rather than boiling them. They will be much drier, requiring so much less flour to bind the liquid from the eggs. Posted: 2:49 am on August 5th

TheFoodGeek writes: Baking is something that had been in the back of my mind, but I had never tried it. One of my Twitter followers said that she's baked before to good effect. Also, she reminds me that a potato ricer is vital equipment for gnocchi cooking. Posted: 3:40 pm on July 26th

math4jedi writes: If the downfall is moisture, and moisture gets in via the potato cooking, why not bake the potatoes and remove the chance of water infestation? Posted: 12:53 pm on July 26th

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