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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Sauteed spinach with white beans and pine nuts

By Pielove, member

April 30th, 2010

I love spinach and the addition of white beans to a typical spinach sautee is a great idea, lending real substance to what is usually a plain side dish.  Of course, with the garlic and pine nuts, this was hardly plain.  We served this with tortellini and pesto-- a great combination.  Next time I will add an anchovy for extra oomph-- and there will be a next time, as I bought the Costco-sized BAG-O-SPINACH.  

By the way, is Fine Cooking getting some sort of payback from someone in the lemon business?  Is it my imagination, or do a lot of recipes in this issue call for lemon zest?  Someone is having way too much fun with their Microplane!  That said, lemon zest in this recipe was really good-- now I have to go make some lemonade with all the bald lemons I have lying around.

Recipe Used: Sauteed spinach with white beans and pine nuts

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user-4713770 writes: I must laugh at your lemon zest comment since Meyer lemons have been available for some time around here and I hate to waste a good Meyer lemon. Afraid that they will vanish soon, I juiced a lot of them and put the juice in the freezer and instead of zesting them first, out of pure laziness I just tossed all of the halves in a zip bag and froze them as well. Great for zesting.

As I mentioned, I found curly spinach, so nice to see again instead of that other stuff, I am making this tonight.

I hope that you remembered to get the big bag of pine nuts at Costco, they freeze well. Posted: 8:56 am on May 2nd

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