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Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes

By Fine Cooking Editors, editor

June 7th, 2010

Update: Angry_Butter was made much less angry recently. Her comment was picked at random and she'll recieve a copy of a book destined to melt away any remaining anger she may feel (who can stay angry while making dessert?). Congrats, Angry_Butter!

Win a copy of Ready for Dessert:
Post a comment below describing your favorite dessert recipe. On Monday, June 14, we'll pick one comment at random and send the lucky winner a copy of David Lebovitz's sweetest cookbook yet.

Ready for Dessert
by David Lebovitz (Ten Speed Press, $35)

Cookbook author and pastry chef David Lebovitz has outdone himself with his latest recipe collection, offering readers the very best of his best. Lebovitz’s recipes are as impressive as his credentials (12 years at Chez Panisse, a string of award-winning cookbooks, and an eponymous Web site), so whether you crave a simple classic—Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mixed Berry Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream—or want to try something unexpected—Fresh Ginger Cake, Chocolate-Caramel Soufflé—his recipes deliver.

Excerpted Recipes:

Guinness-Gingerbread Cupcakes Sesame-Orange Almond Tuiles Black and White Cookies
Guinness-Gingerbread Cupcakes   Sesame-Orange Almond Tuiles   Black and White Cookies
Recipe photos: Maren Caruso © 2010


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Comments (111)

Vindee writes: This is a must have book on my wish list! just made Richards Absolutely Best Brownies from the book... and they lived up to the name _absolutely! Posted: 1:43 pm on June 17th

tylamfowler writes: Key lime pie in graham cracker crust, no meringue! Posted: 1:32 pm on June 14th

AdeleR writes: My very favorite dessert is Tiramisu, with savoiardi, dipped in expresso and sweet marsala with a marscapone cream filling and premium chocolate shavings. Posted: 5:17 pm on June 13th

Jahsc06 writes: My favorite dessert has to Vinegar Pie. It has the most interesting ingredients in it like cider vinegar, corn meal, flour, and of course sugar. When it all comes together it is absolutely amazing. Its perfect after a night of eating crabs. It's a southern style pie similar to Chess Pie, but the recipe I use is from Karen Barker of Magonlia Grill in Durham. Posted: 3:18 pm on June 13th

Cookin_in_Remota writes: While this is truly an impossible question to answer, I will give you my current response. Chevre cheesecake. We had it at the Painted Lady just outside of Portland, Oregon over Memorial Day Weekend and I'm still thinking about it. I've got to find a recipe and get to work. Sorry David, it wasn't chocolate. Posted: 10:53 am on June 13th

laleeleela writes: One of my favorite dessert recipes is for a flourless chocolate cake - it's very simple to make but never fails to impress my guests! Posted: 10:05 am on June 12th

consider writes: My favorite came from another of David Lebovitz's books - a pistachio cake with sliced-almond crust, scented with cardamom. I made it for my own birthday last year, and my mom's this year. It's just incredibly warm and perfect... and it's just as good after it cools :) Posted: 2:24 am on June 12th

ljcarrieri writes: My favorite dessert is Cranberry Upside Down Cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream! It's great to have a wonderful recipe to use up all the cranberries around the holidays. Posted: 11:09 pm on June 11th

SewSimply writes: I have two favorite deserts, one for summer and one for winter. For summer I love fruit sorbets, especially lemon. They are light and refreshing. For winter you can't beat the comfort of bread pudding with a rum or whiskey sauce. Posted: 9:16 pm on June 11th

Harrietlou writes: I love the chocolate sauerkraut cake from David's chocolate book and I really don't like sauerkraut. It's delicious - deep chocolate flavor, moist and just plain yummy. Posted: 7:55 pm on June 11th

stephdmarsh writes: Oh my! How does one choose a favorite? In spring I cannot resist the gorgeous, plump, juicy berries at the Farmer's Market or my favorite produce stand. The smell, taste, sight of warm berries in a cobbler, tart, or pie makes the long, cold winters almost worth the wait. And strawberry shortcake on warm spring days is dreamy. Summer stone fruits in pies, tarts, or carmalized and served warm over homemade ice cream is absolutely heavenly. In fall, the smell of apple crisp, pear tart with butter-pecan ice cream or pumpkin bread with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar fills the house with a scent that cannot be duplicated and must be what heaven smells like. And that first bite is the taste that I cannot get out of my mind for the entire season. However, winter desserts warm the soul and cold bones and bring us to a place where cold is not such a bad thing. I make this amazing citrus cake that is the most requested recipe I have. This is also the time of year that I love chocolate. Brownies, fudge cake, hot fudge over homemade vanilla bean ice cream and homemade chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies with hand-chopped chocolate chunks.

How can one decide? Posted: 6:40 pm on June 11th

jgoris1 writes: Fruit and cake type desserts are my favorite! Berry crisps and fruity cobblers! Chocolate is awesome too! I have made several succesful fruit type desserts... but the perfect chocolate cake has eluded me! I want it not too chocolatey but still rich enough for my taste! I'll keep looking though! Posted: 3:18 pm on June 11th

bowrain writes: Is there any recipe better than cookies? And what makes them taste even better is baking with your favorite people. I happen to think my Christmas Sugar Cookies are the best. It has become a tradition to bake them with my niece, who has become the decorator. It doesn't matter if you're drinking a steaming cup of tea, cold milk or just munching. They are delicious. As I've gotten older, I just don't get around to making them as much as I did in years gone by. But believe me, they're the first to go when the plate is placed on the table. Posted: 2:49 pm on June 11th

CNick writes: I'd love to win a sweet cookbook on my birthday, you bet!

My favorite dessert...singular?? A memorable one that I got to enjoy (without making) was a macadamia crusted coconut cream pie that I experienced in New Orleans last summer. Reminds me, I was going to write for that recipe... Heavenly!!
Or my neighbor's peach ice cream..... or... fresh baklava or...

Currently on a sugar-less, white flour-less weight management plan (having good results) and looking towards converting some favorite desserts to reduce/eliminate these ingredients.

Awaiting golden apricots from the orchard shortly.... Posted: 2:47 pm on June 11th

CindyWal writes: One of my very favorite desserts is my homemade fresh peach pie, topped with coarse, sparkling sugar. I always make one of these when I buy my first peck of peaches for the summer, and it's a wonderful way to usher in July. I also make a hot coffee chocolate cake with a frosting that is just like homemade fudge poured over the cake. It's delicious! Posted: 1:36 pm on June 11th

Laurel7221 writes: Homemade ice cream of course. A homemade waffle cone just adds to the pleasure. Posted: 12:47 pm on June 11th

wizardhlee writes: My fave is Molten Lava Cake a few minutes out of the oven. It's an intense chocolate fix, can be slightly crusty on the outside but oozing with hot gooey chocolate goodness on the inside. A dollop of whipped cream on top makes for great color, temperature, texture and taste contrast. It's very quick to bake so you don't have to wait long and the list of ingredients is short and almost always at hand. Best of all it's also my wife's fave so I earn 'brownie' points when I make it and it puts a big smile on her face. What could be better? Posted: 3:15 am on June 11th

erikr writes: I love strawberry shortcake made with angel food cake and homemade sweetened whip cream! Posted: 9:48 pm on June 10th

anniebrewer writes: I don't know if this counts as a recipe, but I love cream, milk, and a chocolate bar or a piece of leftover cake or whatever is handy and sweet! Posted: 6:03 pm on June 10th

BakersRoyale writes:
My favorite dessert recipe Alice Medrich’s Tri-color Mousse. Perfect anytime. The texture is smooth and the flavor can be played up to bite your tongue back or lessened for a soft feather kissing to your palate. Lastly, it’s easy to sculpt into a understated dessert or glam it up for a show stopper. Aside from all that, I’m amateur baker and find mousse completely underrated for its versatility and believe every baker should master this classic. I sometimes use these mousse layers separately for cupcakes and cake filling. Phew-Just a few thoughts on my favorite recipe.
Posted: 5:14 pm on June 10th

MellyH writes: Favorite dessert? That is really hard. I'm going to go with rustic peach tart. But anything chocolate is hard to beat. Posted: 5:01 pm on June 10th

Bowness writes: My favourite dessert? Although I've got a lot of 'love them' desserts, with white chocolate and raspberry cheesecase, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and creme brule right on top of the list, I'd have to say my all-time favourite is my grandmother's spicecake with cream cheese icing. Number one, it's delicious, with a tender crumb and wonderful flavour, but it's more than that. The base recipe is pushing 150 years old, and I'm the 6th or 7th generation to bake it. The original version was a butter cake, minimal lift. The second version was still dense, but lighter. The current version is the 'light' version, which we devised over about 40 trials after my grandfather's heart attack. It's probably not, to food purists, the same recipe, but it's all tied together. There's all sorts of good memories tied in to it as well; it's the cake we got for birthdays, with everyone sitting around the big table at my grandparents (that would be about 14 of us), lights out, with someone walking down the hall carrying the cake with the candles glowing and a horriblyoff-key version of 'Happy Birthday' (and my grandfather's solo 'and mannnnnyyyyyyy mooooooorrrrre' at the end, perfectly on pitch). All I have to do is start mixing the batter and the smell takes me back to that house, and that moment, and it's home, no matter where I am in the world. Posted: 4:37 pm on June 10th

aeroflot writes: Chocolate fudge raspberry bars are delicious. We've received many requests for that recipe, and as far as my "gourmet" goes, the recipe isn't too difficult. Posted: 1:08 pm on June 10th

kimtrev writes: I love David Lebovitz's "The Perfect Scoop". There are so many great options for my very favorite dessert: ice cream! This time of year, I love Blackberry Swirl Ice Cream with berries fresh from the backyard. Posted: 12:56 pm on June 10th

blisworth writes: My favorite, among many, would have to be peach kuchen. It is made with fresh peach halves,on top of a shortbread crust, covered with a heavy cream/egg custard with cinnamon.
I also use fresh plums and that too is a winner. You can substitute canned peach halves in winter and it still delicious. Posted: 9:28 am on June 10th

HotelPhyllis writes: Our favorite dessert this time of year is a sour cream rhubarb pie. Posted: 8:58 am on June 10th

jnshank writes: My favorite dessert is my gran's sour cream cookies. They are light and fluffy like clouds, stay moist forever and just have that hint of something creamy inside. Posted: 8:48 am on June 10th

stephaniemvandellen writes: One of my favorites is actually a fine cooking recipe, the ginger spice cookies with lemon cream. The complexity of the spices combined with the sweetness and lemon cream is so good! Posted: 7:15 am on June 10th

immortalbeloved writes: My favorite dessert is peach cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream! Posted: 12:23 am on June 10th

SuzanneSig writes: My favorite dessert is a pistachio cake with pistachio frosting that is so rich I only make it once a year around St. Patrick's Day. It involves a lot of heavy cream, butter, and pudding. Delicious! My husband's favorite is homemade brownies. The recipe comes from an old tattered Hershey's baking pamphlet that I've had for years. Posted: 6:28 pm on June 9th

Angry_Butter writes: my absolute favorite is my Grammy's Congo Square recipe, although they are never as good as she made them since she passed away last year it's my way of reconnecting with my childhood spent in her kitchen and sneaking spoonfuls of the dough Posted: 5:24 pm on June 9th

Inquisitrix writes: I love home made coffee ice cream - and if I am really feeling decadent I will add some chocolate, but usually just a bit of cinnamon. Posted: 3:26 pm on June 9th

bunkster writes: I always love profiteroles! Pate choux, rich ice cream and dark choclate doesn't get much better than that! Posted: 1:12 pm on June 9th

tylamfowler writes: My favorite is a really well made red velvet cake with a double recipe of cream cheese frosting... Posted: 10:45 am on June 9th

lennia writes: My grandmother's Chocolate Custard Pie! As it bakes, it creates three layers of chocolate; a solid chocolate bottom layer, a creamy chocolate custard middle layer, and a fluffy and light chocolate layer. It's so delicious!
Posted: 10:21 am on June 9th

GrammySusan writes: My favorite special occasion dessert is dacquoise. If I have to choose, there would be a touch of coffee in the meringue layers, and chocolate buttercream. Or apricot. Or. . . Posted: 8:16 am on June 9th

astheroshe writes: Anything with coconut! Mile high cake, or a custard pie! Posted: 7:59 am on June 9th

rosebud2 writes: As an avowed Francophile and lover of Paris I have to admit to a weakness for French Macarons.
Davids recipe for these chocolate macarons is fantastic.
A bit of work but worth every second Posted: 6:58 am on June 9th

desmav writes: My absolute favorite would be creme brulee ...
simple flavor, yet perfect !!!! Posted: 4:39 am on June 9th

KseniaK writes: Mhm, right now it's strawberry blackberry shortcake I think. Just so yummy! Posted: 3:08 am on June 9th

Swooz writes: Favorite dessert - White chocolate cake with a layer of lemon curd and some sort of fruit mousse. Yummmy!

I only wish I had a good recipe for making white chocolate cake - anybody got one??? (THANKS IN ADVANCE IF YOU DO!) Posted: 1:28 am on June 9th

CarlaK writes: My all time favorites are Chocolate Souffle & Baba au Rhum!!!

I absolutely ADORE them!!! Posted: 11:07 pm on June 8th

Onyxchyld writes: My favorite dessert is devil's food cupcakes with a chocolate mocha buttercream. The frosting is so silky on the tongue that it's absolutely amazing! Posted: 10:49 pm on June 8th

sweetchefgirl writes: I love a simple Rhubarb Crisp with Oatmeal topping and homemade vanilla ice cream. David recipes are awesome, I've been trying out recipes from perfect scoop. Next up Mocha Sherbert. Posted: 10:24 pm on June 8th

kjhenderson writes: Great bakers who have shared their passion and recipes have made me more confident to experiment myself. Trying to salvage an idea that didn't work, I created an original Toasted Coconut and Macadamia Nut Cream Pie. A perfect pie for Easter Brunch. Posted: 9:57 pm on June 8th

elysek writes: I adore warm homemade brownies with ice cream. It's not creative - but it tastes like heaven... I love David's books! Posted: 9:46 pm on June 8th

ewhalen writes: my favorite dessert recipe is 'ice box cake' because it is so incredibly easy, can be doctored up with the fanciest of ingredients, and is always a winner. Must use Nabisco's famous chocolate wafers (or make your own very thin chocolate wafer discs), layer with fresh whipped cream, and freeze (I like to put them in muffin liners for individual servings)... eat just like home made ice-cream sandwiches. I'm sure one of Dave's home made ice creams would make this recipe amazing. Hope to win the cookbook! :) Posted: 8:25 pm on June 8th

concrete_mermaid writes: David Lebovitz's Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing has made me a dinner guest in demand - word has spread so far amongst my friends that I recently made it to take to dinner parties twice in one week!

If I'm going to have dessert it's going to be chocolate and from my vast tastings (including selections from an entire chocolate buffet for my 30th) there is absolutely no comparison. As far as I'm concerned no chocolate cake exists more with a more sinfully full, deep, rich chocolate taste, that remains light and not too sweet; and topped with the silky and airy chocolate ganache icing the entire thing is absolutely to die for.

Try it alone or serve with a handful of fresh sweet strawberries and a tiny spoon of whipped cream, or whip up a quick fruit coulis. Any way you serve it you will not be disappointed! Posted: 8:16 pm on June 8th

velomama writes: does it matter? No not until I own this book. Once I own this book then I'll get back to you. Posted: 6:55 pm on June 8th

LittleYellowBird writes: My favourite dessert from David is the Guinness-Gingerbread Cupcakes. My overall favourite dessert is lavendar honey atop homemade vanilla bean gelato. Had it for the first time in Provence about eleven years ago when staying with a family from England. SO good. :D Posted: 6:20 pm on June 8th

fionula writes: what to choose? a classic lemon tart? the nutmeg cake from the NYT spice cookbook? flourless chocolate? made David's clafouti last night and last night it was my favorite. tonight... Dorie Greenspan's brownies???? Posted: 6:15 pm on June 8th

jbailard writes: angel food cake with lots of strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce Posted: 6:13 pm on June 8th

Cococroissants writes: My favorite dessert is lemon tart. I love the scent of fresh lemons-and the rich taste of the curd. This tart takes me back to the bakeries of Paris. Of course the key is also in the pastry-an almond flaky pastry. Posted: 6:11 pm on June 8th

mrsminik writes: Coca-cola cake topped with chocolate ice cream and hot fudge sauce!!! Chocolate decadence to the max.! Posted: 6:08 pm on June 8th

ConBarn writes: For me, it's gotta be Fresh Ginger Cake. Love it! Posted: 6:05 pm on June 8th

nicsuss972 writes: Right now I'm into lemon bars and banana cream pie. I make a whole wheat pie crust for the banana cream pie, not for health reasons but the wheat flavor pairs super well with the banana and pastry cream. Yum! Posted: 5:48 pm on June 8th

KLouise writes: Coffee meringue gateau - layers of coffee meringue sandwiched together with whipped chantilly cream, dusted with grated chocolate. Not only is it make ahead by a few hours, but it is even better for breakfast the next day. Posted: 5:45 pm on June 8th

JJinPA writes: Pie! My mother made fabulous blueberry pies with our own berries - and always added just the right number of green ones to keep it nice and tart. Rhubarb - anything with rhubarb. Posted: 5:42 pm on June 8th

SeaBreeze writes: Dobos Torta (Drum Cake), a seven layer (ultra thin) cake with mocha buttercream frosting. Hmmmmm! Posted: 5:25 pm on June 8th

lbernsk writes: Brown Sugar Chewy Bars with lots of chocolate chips and nuts! Posted: 5:23 pm on June 8th

ice_cold writes: Any creme cream creme brulee, vanilla bean creme brulee, white chocolate raspberry creme brulee, it goes on and on.

Who can resist smooth, silky custard with a beautiful, glistening sugar top....I'm getting hungry now. Posted: 5:19 pm on June 8th

Sharonscooking writes: There is nothing quite like a fresh summer peach dumpling. As you are pealing the peaches the scent comes up to meet your ready taste buds! The juice runs over your fingers trying to escape...only you can save this summer treat by just giving in and licking the juice right off your hand. Slows the recipe a bit...but what a treat!!! Marinate in their own juices with a few spices...oh yum! After baking, serving with fresh vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream! The best!!! Uh-oh...did I just make myself impatient for that just perfect peach! Nope...I will wait...just like I will wait for the perfect tomato time! Enjoy!!!! Posted: 5:17 pm on June 8th

styopa1 writes: You can never under estimate homemade vanilla ice cream w/ homemade caramel sauce. Yummmm! Posted: 5:16 pm on June 8th

sanfran30 writes: I love to bake so it is difficult to choose just 1 favorite but I vote for my pignoli cookies which are awesome:) Anything homemade is fantastic and I look forward to baking my next favorite from David Lebovitz's new book! Posted: 5:12 pm on June 8th

superslush writes: My go-to desserts are brownies or poundcake. Depends on my mood. Posted: 5:00 pm on June 8th

turntheheaton writes: I love David Lebovitz. I think my favorite recipes of his are... all of the recipes from the Perfect Scoop. That truly is the best ice cream cookbook- no one need ever publish another. Posted: 4:57 pm on June 8th

ct180002 writes: Lemon Meringue Dessert Posted: 4:54 pm on June 8th

LisaL55 writes: I make a mean Mexican chocolate ice cream. My mother's fresh black raspberry pie beats everything else though. Posted: 4:50 pm on June 8th

colleenanne writes: My favorite "David" dessert is his fresh ginger cake. I had it at Chez Panisse, and tracked the recipe down through many Google searches to him. Apparently it's "left over" from his days as their pastry chef. It's AMAZING.

It would be impossible to state what my favorite overall dessert is. I love them all. But I am partial to tropical flavors. I'll pick something with mango, pineapple, or guava in it before chocolate any day. Posted: 4:50 pm on June 8th

theosmom writes: Almond cake with rhubarb compote. Today. Most likely something chocolate tomorrow!! Posted: 4:39 pm on June 8th

DJ writes: My favorite: caramel ice cream with hot fudge and salted pecans: a turtle sundae. Posted: 4:32 pm on June 8th

SF999 writes: So many favorites, but my latest: David's Chocolate Biscotti with Chip Mint Ice Cream, so crispy and refreshing. Posted: 4:11 pm on June 8th

milkncookiezzz writes: My favorite dessert is the sticky toffee pudding! It's so delicious and rich! I just can't get enough of it. Posted: 4:07 pm on June 8th

Pomvox writes: Summer pies: strawberry rhubarb or blueberry, with fresh vanilla icecream. And chocolate chip cookies with cold milk.And... Posted: 4:04 pm on June 8th

bakedbree writes: Vary 80's but still my favorite... tiramisu. Posted: 3:56 pm on June 8th

Murzins writes: I enjoy David's work. My favorite desert is the one i just ready about and need to make. Posted: 3:41 pm on June 8th

Seaworthyii writes: I made a Guinness Gingerbread cake last fall and fell in love with the complexity of flavors! I used candied ginger as well as some black pepper to up the "peppery taste". And now I am sooo eager to try David's recipe for Guinness Ginger Cupcakes. What better dessert to favor?!! Posted: 3:32 pm on June 8th

mgcookz writes: My favorite desert varies with the season. Right about now my fave is strawberry rhubarb pie! My daughter made a pie. We had extra fruit, so I made a strawberry rhubarb sour cream coffee cake -- with white whole wheat flour. I started with the sour cream coffee cake from "Perfect Cakes" and adapted the recipe to fit our ingredients on hand. The cake was tasty! Posted: 3:30 pm on June 8th

Adgirl writes: My favorite dessert is Giada De Laurentis' Gianduja Souffle., a chocolate souffle with a very moist chocolate hazelnut center. It is so easy to make but because it's a souffle people think you put a lot of work into it...It's one of those desserts that brings silence to the table when you are eating, a sure sign that everyone loves it!! Posted: 3:28 pm on June 8th

ostman writes: A simple family recipe for no cook (raw egg) vanilla ice cream. Simplicity. Posted: 3:26 pm on June 8th

Lindsey588 writes: Nothing feels more like home for me than pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and as an expat living in Paris this means I have to make it myself! Luckily I've come across many great recipes, including David's! Would love to add this book to my collection! Posted: 3:24 pm on June 8th

vmarie writes: Describe my favorite dessert recipe?!? Anything chocolate, caramel, lemon, pumpkin, or berry, lol...if I really have to pick one, since it's summertime, I'd have to say it's David's ice cream recipes! I've loved every one of his I've tried, especially the salted caramel! I can't wait to try these Guiness-Stout Cupcakes of his, and love all of his chocolate deliciousness, too! ;) Posted: 3:23 pm on June 8th

thehungrypanda writes: favorite dessert is pretty simple, anything that's salty and sweet. salted caramel layer cake with a chocolate ganache, or salted caramel ice cream served atop a decadent and fudgy brownie. Posted: 3:23 pm on June 8th

ejgiese writes: I have more than one favorite, one is bitter chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, the other is peach crisp with vanilla ice cream.

Love David's blog, can't wait to read his latest book!

Posted: 3:19 pm on June 8th

ineke writes: I loooove rhubarb meringue pie and apple ginger pie, they're scrumptious. I also love homemade greek yoghurt with sweetened berries. And real dark (Belgian) chocolate with ginger or orange like Cote d'Or with a Nespresso espresso, and speculoos.... and an 'ordinary' carrot cake. There's so much good stuff around! Posted: 3:15 pm on June 8th

Rayelle writes: My favorite is anything chocolate, the darker the better. In the summer I adore David's chocolate sorbet! Posted: 3:14 pm on June 8th

Dorina writes: David's Salted Caramel Ice Cream is AMAZING!
Posted: 3:05 pm on June 8th

pinar writes: My favorite dessert is eclairs with vanilla pastry cream, my grandmother used to make it and I love it... Posted: 3:03 pm on June 8th

Avalee writes: Any dessert is a good dessert, but my favourites are chocolate pots-de-creme (winter) and strawberry shortcake with cream biscuits (summer). Yum! Posted: 3:02 pm on June 8th

emgdc writes: Caramel Pecan Cheesecake...yum! Posted: 3:02 pm on June 8th

claritygolden writes: I love a good pie, just about any kind really! Strawberry rhubarb might be my favorite, but just barely. :) Posted: 3:01 pm on June 8th

jonem writes: Malted milk ice cream (recipe from David Lebovitz, of course!) Posted: 2:58 pm on June 8th

Lynn_C writes: Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Nothing says happy like a slice of chocolate cake. Posted: 2:56 pm on June 8th

J_Creed writes: My favorite dessert at this time of the year is a pavlova topped with whipped cream and local strawberries. We wait for it all year and it never disappoints! Posted: 2:53 pm on June 8th

janiscooks writes: Chocolate! Cookies, cake, ice cream, biscotti, you name it! Posted: 2:53 pm on June 8th

skywater writes: In the hot weather, Ice Cream Pie, any flavour combination Posted: 2:53 pm on June 8th

summedl writes: Ice cream, any kind. Posted: 2:50 pm on June 8th

Jeepy writes: French Macarons....flavor possibilities endless. mmm... Posted: 2:48 pm on June 8th

Eii writes: I love Parkin - an English cake, with oats and treacle -- tastes best aged. Also home made ice cream, which I learned to make (well) from David's first book. I do hope this has his banana bread recipe in it - though is that a dessert for most people? Likely not. Thanks for the opportunity! Posted: 2:45 pm on June 8th

ellehcim79 writes: Hmmm, since I do have a lot of favorites, mood, season, weather. I'll just have to go with an old standby from childhood. Peanut butter cups. Not just Reese's version, but a buttery sable crust filled with fresh home-roasted peanut butter topped with a creamy dark chocolate ganache. Yup, that will do me in every time. Posted: 2:44 pm on June 8th

CookinCanuck writes: My three favorite desserts or dessert ingredients, in no particular order, are rhubarb, chocolate mousse, and profiteroles. I have been eyeing David's book for some time. Posted: 2:42 pm on June 8th

cookingmonster writes: My favorite dessert is old-fashioned sticky toffee pudding served warm with extra caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. The pudding soaks up the caramel and melts the ice cream, making it a spoonable, cakey, perfect mush. Posted: 2:40 pm on June 8th

rondash writes: My favorite dessert had to be (although there are so many yummy things out there) creme brulee. Not only do I love the contrast of the cold creme and the warm brulee, i love cracking into the brulee and eating all that first. Posted: 2:39 pm on June 8th

JasmineG writes: My favorite dessert is probably a tie between a blackberry pie (made with Rose Levy Berenbaum's cream cheese pie crust), and a great ice cream sandwich, usually made with really good chewy chocolate cookies and great vanilla ice cream. Posted: 2:38 pm on June 8th

ehsayer writes: In terms of the pure joy and satisfaction it brings, there's not much that can beat a deep, rich chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing and a side of vanilla bean ice cream. Posted: 2:38 pm on June 8th

dyelen writes: My favorite dessert -- if I HAVE to pick one -- is ice cream. No, brownies. No, apple pie. Hmmmm, looks like I can't pick one! Posted: 2:38 pm on June 8th

yakee writes: David’s coconut cake! I make it for birthdays and Christmas. It’s perfect, and gets rave reviews. Posted: 2:36 pm on June 8th

CNirta writes: How do you pick just one?! I think the best I can do is pick one per season.

Spring - Poppyseed cake moistened with a limoncello simple syrup, tart lemon curd filling and a dollop of sweetened whipping cream

Summer - Luscious, silky smooth Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Mousse parfaits with fresh berries ... or if you happen to be in Italy any flavour of gelato (especially from an agriturismo)

Fall - Hot, fresh, flaky apple pie with lots of cinnamon

Winter - Rich, moist chocolate cake with a fluffy mocha and brandy icing ... served with a hot espresso of course Posted: 2:26 pm on June 8th

traceywil writes: I love anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate! One of my favorite dessert recipes is a simple chocolate cupcake topped with a healthy dollop of peanut butter icing - decadent and delicious! Posted: 1:45 pm on June 8th

Sheri writes: Salty caramel ice cream, hands down. David has a great recipe on his web site, by far my favorite version. Posted: 3:39 am on June 8th

Pielove writes: My favorite dessert is fresh peach pie with homemade vanilla ice cream. For the pie, I use a butter-lard crust and Rose Levy Berenbaum's recipe for the filling. For the ice cream, I use David Lebovitz's recipe from Fine Cooking-- the one that was posted with a million variants, but we really love the vanilla.
My father-in-law lives near a peach orchard in Indiana and last year he brought me a half-bushel of perfect peaches. He was paid in pie. I also made pie filling inserts by cutting up the peaches, macerating them with the sugar to draw out the liquid, then boiling down the liquid and mixing the syrup back with the peaches. Then I freeze the complete pie filling in a freezer bag, nestled into a pie pan so that it takes on the right shape. When I'm ready to bake the pie, I can just pop the frozen filling into the crust. Those peach filling discs were like gold last winter. This year I hope he brings me a full bushel. Posted: 9:45 pm on June 7th

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