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Cook the Issue 2010: Authentic Brioche

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  • Brioche dough cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

By Pielove, member

May 8th, 2010

What a lovely recipe-- this bread has all the delicious flavor of croissants, without being such a flaky mess.  Also the dough came together very easily and was fun to shape-- versatile too!  I didn't have brioche molds, so I used custard cups.  I also shaped some hamburger rolls, and some cinnamon buns, which will be reheated for Mother's Day breakfast tomorrow.  

One thing-- the recipe calls for 2 eggs plus a yolk for the egg wash-- I used one egg and a tiny bit of water and had plenty left over-- 2 eggs would seem to be way too much.

Recipe Used: Authentic Brioche

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Comments (2)

Pielove writes: Hi ICD! Thanks! This recipe was really easy and made such a lovely dough. My husband liked the cinnamon rolls because they were not too sweet-- for kids, I would put some sort of frosting or glaze on them. My kid just ate the cinnamon/ brown sugar filling out. I used the brioche for burgers just because I happened to be making it the same day as we were grilling-- it was a bit of overkill, but tasty. Posted: 12:00 pm on May 10th

user-4713770 writes: Good for you! I had that on my list for the weekend, but things got in the way, but maybe this week. I have to practice cinnamon rolls before the kids come out this summer as they are a a breakfast staple.

I usually make Moomie's buns for burgers, but I am willing to give brioche a shot. Thanks for the input and inspiration. Posted: 7:57 am on May 10th

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