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Cook the Issue 2010: Cheesecake (Limoncello/Mocha Chocolate Chip Chimera)

By Pielove, member

May 11th, 2010

The different flavor variants for this recipe all sounded so good that I could not choose one.  So I chose two that played well together and baked them in two halves of the same crust.  To do this, I first made the base filling.  As an add-in to the base batter I replaced 8 oz of cream cheese with 1 cup of very well-drained yogurt cheese-- this added a little tang and slightly lightened up a recipe that is basically a Giant Block of Cream Cheese.  

After adding the eggs to the filling, I split it into two bowls.  To one bowl I added 1/4c chocolate chips and a packet of instant coffee to give Mocha Chocolate Chip.  To the other bowl I added 1 Tbsp of my homemade limoncello and some grated lemon zest to give Limoncello Cream.  I let the coffee sit for a little while to rehydrate and gently stirred the flavorings into the batters, then glopped the two simultaneously into the crust, smoothed, and baked.  The batters are just the right viscosity to snuggle up next to each other without mixing or blurring.

I am not generally a fan of cheesecake, and I had never made one before, but this is a great recipe.  The filling is creamy, light, and fluffy, not dense and heavy like so many New York Cheesecakes. Also, each flavoring is delicious in its own right and they do play extremely well together (think lemon twist in espresso)-- indeed, I wish that there were a few more junction slices!  I bought a three-pound block of cream cheese from Costco, so I have enough for one more cheesecake-- now I am dreaming of the next flavor pairing...  strawberry-lemon anyone?  cherry-caramel?



Recipe Used: Make-your-own Cheesecake

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