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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Grilled tri-tip with chive-yogurt sauce

By Pielove, member

May 15th, 2010

I know this recipe is from the cook once, eat twice series where you make great dishes with the leftovers-- one problem, we didn't have much left over.  I used a tri-tip instead of flank steak and cut down the herbs in the marinade because I only had rosemary.  I also only marinated for about 2 hours-- busy day!  Still, this was a fantastic grilled hunk of meat-- the soy sauce in the marinade adds a great savory-salty note to the meat and the garlic and rosemary add another layer of flavor.  All three of us were nuts for this preparation-- my daughter was lobbying for me to make this again very soon.

The yogurt sauce is an excellent accent-- I used white onion instead of cucumber.  The cumin and yogurt make it very much like a raita.  We served the steak on the grilled pita breads-- topped with the sauce and a few drops of hot sauce, this was an outstanding meal.  

For Cook the Issue contests, I usually pick one or two recipes from the issue that are the real winners-- for issue 104, it was the artichoke fritatta, the brioche and the moussaka.  For issue 105, this one is clearly on the list and all the other recipes have some serious food to beat!

Recipe Used: Grilled flank steak with cucumber yogurt sauce

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