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Cook the Issue 2010: Kale with crispy salami

By Pielove, member

May 22nd, 2010

I am so happy that I found this recipe now-- we will be inundated with greens in a couple of weeks when our CSA box starts and this is a superb preparation.  The salami and onions are meaty and savory, while the honey and vinegar add just the right sweetness and tang, so that the whole adds up to a really great dish.  I used regular curly kale, as we have not gotten our dinosaur kale yet.  I could not stop eating this and as cook's prerogative, I am going to have the leftovers for breakfast with a poached egg on top!

Recipe Used: Tuscan Kale with shallots and crisp salami

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Pielove writes: I think baby kale might be too subtle and tender for this recipe-- do not boil them too long. That said, since the salami and onions are added as a topping, you can add as much or as little as you like. As ICD suggested (somewhere), you could also use a more subtle meat-- maybe crisp proscuitto.

Hmm, baby kale at the farmers market-- that is funny, there was someone from California on the forums complaining that greens were a winter thing and not a spring crop. Where are you located? We get a ton of greens here in Chicago. Posted: 9:53 pm on May 24th

liamsaunt writes: I have some baby kale from the farmer's you think this recipe would work for it, or overwhelm? I bought it on a whim and am not sure how to treat it. Posted: 7:26 pm on May 24th

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