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Cook the Issue 2010: Fresh Cherry Margarita

By liamsaunt, member

May 23rd, 2010

I just did not like this drink.  Everyone that tried it said that it tasted bad.. I heard cough syrup, children's benadryl, and robitussin as comments.  I am glad the recipe only made one was interesting to try something different but I definitely would never make this again.

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Pielove writes: Maraschino liqueur is quite different from cassis-- it is made from cherries, but is not particularly fruity-- it has a distinct funk to it, with almond notes etc. Check out the wikipedia entry:

I have some of the real stuff in the cellar-- there was another cocktail with Maraschino liqueur in the previous Cook the Issue challenge for Issue 97. As soon as I score some cherries, I will make this one and report back. Posted: 9:47 pm on May 24th

liamsaunt writes: Maybe I used the wrong kind--I had mathilde cassis in the liquor cabinet so that is what I used. Posted: 12:58 pm on May 24th

Texas_Foodie writes: And I thought it looked so delicious and refreshing. Posted: 9:00 am on May 24th

user-4713770 writes: It doesn"t matter, maraschino anything is disgusting...great ewww on this drink recipe... Posted: 9:54 pm on May 23rd

Pielove writes: Hi Liamsaunt-- too bad this was such a disappointment. I think ICD did not like it either. One question for both of you-- did you use Maraschino liqueur (like Luxardo brand) or did you substitute? Posted: 9:37 pm on May 23rd

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