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Homegrown/Homemade: How to Plant Carrots

Video Length: 3:49
Produced by: Danielle Sherry, Sarah Breckenridge, and Robyn Doyon-Aitken. Videography by Gary Junken. Edited by Cari Delahanty

Welcome to our video series Homegrown, Homemade. We've teamed up with Fine Gardening to show gardeners and cooks of all skill levels how get the most out of their crops from seed to plate.

In this series with Fine Gardening's Danielle Sherry, Danielle shows me how to grow and harvest carrots. In my garden, I've been plagued with short, stumpy, gnarly specimens. Danielle shows me how to grow sweet, crunchy, more uniform carrots, the kind I'd actually like to cook with. Then, we move into the kitchen, where I share some favorite recipes and show Danielle how to make the most of homegrown carrots.

Episode One: How to Plant Carrots
Danielle shows me how to properly space out the carrot seeds when planting, mixing them with (of all things) radish seeds.

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Comments (3)

artquiltist writes: Thanks for the pop up about keeping voles away with cayenne. Voles are my nemisis! Posted: 8:27 pm on June 30th

CPeterman writes: Good to know I need to be watering the carrot seeds I just planted twice a day. You may have just saved my carrot crop! Posted: 11:55 pm on June 14th

geecarlton writes: Thanks, Danielle! I have a package of carrot seeds that I'm planning to plant, not for the carrots, but for flowers! And now I know what and how, and the sand trick is going to help me LOTS!! I'll let you know about my flowers later! Thanks again! Posted: 6:30 pm on June 8th

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