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Fred Thompsons Barbecue Nation

Fred Thompson's Barbecue Nation

By Robyn Doyon-Aitken, Web producer

June 4th, 2010

Update: Congrats to geokaren. Her comment was selected at random, so she'll be grilling up burgers from one (or both!) of Fred Thompson's cookbooks this Father's Day. Thanks for posting a comment, Karen!

It’s the summer of cookbook giveaways here at For Mother’s Day, we gave away a copy of Lisa Schroeder’s Mother’s Best, last week we gave away a copy of James Villas’ Pig (you all love your Southern cooking, don’t you?), and this week we’re celebrating the official start of grilling season with a double cookbook giveaway. Here's your chance to win a copy of Fred Thompson’s smokin’ hot cookbooks Barbecue Nation and Grillin’ with Gas.   

All you have to do is post a comment telling us what’s heating up on your grill this summer. I’ll pick a comment at random on Monday, June 14th and the lucky winner will be cooking from Barbecue Nation and Grillin’ with Gas by Father’s Day.

For some grilling inspiration, check out our special Guide to Grilling, where you can also watch video of Fred demonstrating how to grill steak and how to grill the perfect burger.

Get a taste of the recipes in Fred's books:  

Burgers & Dogs

ultimate burger Recipe cheesehead brats Recipe
Classic Ultimate Hamburgers   "Cheesehead" Brats

grilled sliders burger Recipe salmon burger Recipe
Grilled Sliders   Katrina’s Seattle Salmon Burger

Fish on the Grill

grilled fish tacos Recipe grilled oysters rockefeller Recipe
Grilled Fish Tacos   Grilled Oysters Rockefeller

Chicken & Steak

grilled chicken Recipe grilled steak Recipe
Buttermilk Brined Chicken Breasts   New York Strip Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter

Tell us what's cookin' in your backyard for a chance to win Barbecue Nation and Grillin' with Gas.

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Comments (87)

CanadianShe_Wolf writes: WOW! Awesome!
What great recipes are being served up here....lolol,(particularily interested in "Tarragonblues'" Sweet & Salty chicken!)
This summer we are thoroughly enjoying pork or chicken or beef Souvlaki over various versions of saffron rice. It has been un-usually hot & humid here in Toronto/Canada so far this Summer...that BBQ-ing/Grilling is the only way to prep a meal!(Using the microwave to cook the rice).
Please!...continue providing mouth-watering suggestions in my news letters.
Thank you,
Carol Posted: 8:40 am on July 27th

geokaren writes: wow!! thank you! I can hardly wait to get started....gentleman, start your grills! Posted: 12:05 pm on June 15th

frhorn writes: We will be cooking steaks and burgers that are done from new recipes. When not grilling, I will be trying new smoking recipes that utilize peach, pecan, or hickory. So far, not only have I tried new recipes; but, I have utilized Lawry's new marinades that are very good. Posted: 5:17 pm on June 14th

Labomm writes: On my grill so far this year: FC's "Kansas City Style Barbecued Ribs," tandoori chicken w/yogurt masala, FC's "Grilled Salmon w/Wasabi-Ginger Mayonnaise," rib-eyes w/rub, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, various peppers and potatoes. I like to slather my veggies with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices before grilling. This week I want to try "Grilled Naan Filled w/Herbs and Cheese" and "Grilled Fish Tacos." Posted: 10:38 am on June 14th

kateye writes: Lots and lots of good eats...just made up my menu for the week and on the grill we will have lamb burgers; asian flank steak served with grilled asparagus "rafts" brushed with soy sauce, sesame oil and a sprinkling of sesame seeds; chicken, sausage and sage skewers, and some nice steaks for Father's Day to round out the week! Posted: 12:51 pm on June 13th

bamboorain writes: Using our homemade BBQ sauce for meat,poultry,and seafood. Using my Greek grandmother's recipies for veggies. And always some type of vegetable with some great olive oil for my three Shiba Inu dogs. Posted: 1:46 pm on June 12th

MellyH writes: Lots of veggies from our CSA, mostly eggplant and zucchini. Posted: 5:03 pm on June 10th

MaiKafer writes: My grill never cools down - in use 365 days a year. Right now grilling summer squash, eggplant, mushies, and onions - a great base for all sorts of dishes - panini sandwiches, lasagna, ratatouille, tossed with pasta or risotto! Posted: 5:02 pm on June 10th

nkrystine writes: Pizzas, ribs, and grilled fruit. Also lots of chicken and smoked pork shoulder for pulled-pork sandwiches. Posted: 3:09 pm on June 10th

HotelPhyllis writes: We're grilling corn on the cob! The pineapple sage is growing nicely and by the weekend we will have grilled pork tenderloin with pineapple sage and grilled pineapple. Posted: 9:10 am on June 10th

Sonomawhine writes: A little of this and a little of that -- pizza margherita with fruity olive oil, garden fresh tomatoes, lots of basil and fresh mozzarella, salmon and ribs with my brother's special marinade/sauce, and wonderful whole roast chicken with a pierced lemon and garden fresh rosemary tucked inside. And I want to try some jalapeno poppers too! Posted: 8:13 pm on June 9th

SVBF writes: Ribs, ribs and more ribs. A great dry rub with mouth watering, moist, tender results. Yum!! Posted: 7:56 pm on June 9th

didderjiddit writes: Tonight I am grilling some boneless chicken thighs on skewers with a sweet and sour glaze made with orange marmalade, apple cider vinegar, fresh rosemary and some crushed red pepper. For dessert I am grilling chocolate and marshmallow bananas. I slit them open lengthwise and tuck in chocolate squares and marshmallows then wrap them in foil. Posted: 7:20 pm on June 9th

MichaelBuitendorp writes: Everyone has been asking for my garlic rosemary chicken . So I have been grilling a lot of that along with fresh asparagus. Posted: 7:10 pm on June 9th

lorihowe writes: Purchasing a shiny new stainless steel gas barbeque motivated my husband and me to elevate our normal meat standard to include more sustainable meat and poultry options offered at our local farmers market. Not only is it satisfying to support farmers producing healthier meat with less impact on the environment, but the difference in overall taste is staggering. Posted: 5:22 pm on June 9th

Angry_Butter writes: i just bought my first grill so I am still learning but I am going to attempt to make a grilled tri-tip (got the meat from a rancher at my local farmer's market) with corn on the cob and plums and apricots I also got at the farmer's market. it's a bit ambitious but i figure if i overcook the meat i can turn it into steak sandwiches with lots of sauce and turn the fruit into a jam or something. Posted: 5:21 pm on June 9th

bvtv writes: What's heating up my grill this summer? Slabs of baby back ribs, super dry rub and law and slow indirect cooking method alond with grilled fresh asparagus, green onions, peach halves and pineapple slices. Great weekend dining on the deck! Posted: 3:52 pm on June 9th

JamesRiver writes: I enjoy working with salmon on the grill. There are a number of ways to prepare it and each takes on its own flavor. Posted: 3:44 pm on June 9th

kimberrenee writes: Just good ole t-bone steaks tonight. Posted: 3:22 pm on June 9th

Lerrie writes: I'm grilling avocado (becomes even more buttery) and white corn for salads. Soon it will be pizzas on the grill--our summer favorite. Posted: 1:31 pm on June 9th

lennia writes: Grilled chicken breasts, zucchini slices, burgers, and pork tenderloin on a plank. Posted: 10:31 am on June 9th

CrissyBear writes: I'm a novice griller, just bought my first Weber gas grill last week. So far I've made burgers, flank steak and pork tenderloin. As soon as I get through the basics, I'm eager to try veggies and hopefully even a paella. Posted: 9:53 am on June 9th

jkuzmitz writes: I am going to perfect my caribbean jerk chicken. Smoking it with with real allspice wood from Jamaica. Very hard to find but there is one site on the internet to order it from. Of course I will have to make some smokey southern-style pulled pork. Now it just needs to stop raining and warm up. Posted: 9:53 am on June 9th

rsherr writes: Vegetables. Fresh asparagus and corn on the cob without the husks. Wonderful Posted: 9:52 am on June 9th

ShoreGirl writes: This is the year we expand our creativity on the grill. So far, leg of lamb, gyros, grilled pizza, bbq chicken, beef kabobs, and putting the finishing touches on slow-cooked pulled pork and country-style ribs. I can't wait to try grilled fish tacos and, of course, just good burgers! Posted: 8:41 am on June 9th

GrammySusan writes: We cook mostly chicken and fish because they're healthy as well as delicious, but summer wouldn't be summer if we didn't have at least one thick, juicy ribeye done medium- rare. Posted: 8:03 am on June 9th

tmorse921 writes: I bought a side of beef and a whole hog. My wife and I have been bbq'n & grillin' everything. Made some great pulled pork last week & we also grill a lot of pizzas with dough I make from scratch. Posted: 1:03 am on June 9th

krazykatgirl writes: we just replaced the burners in our grill! Yay! we grill everything I like to take rosemary out of the garden and make skewers out of the rosemary stems for chicken Posted: 12:44 am on June 9th

elysek writes: This is the year I learn how to do a perfect grilled pizza! Wish me luck... Posted: 9:41 pm on June 8th

lindarmc1 writes: I'm grilling Zweigel red hots - that's upstate NY speak for hot dogs that look more like a brat. And I'm grilling ribs nice and slow and topping with a delicious BBQ sauce. My favorite is skewered marinated chicken on the grill with veggies and grilled pineapple slices as a sweet go along. Could always use some new ideas fronm a BBQ master. Posted: 8:46 pm on June 8th

SueTGGR writes: What isn't grilling at our house? We cook on the grill whenever possible. I hate heating up the kitchen and am always looking for new ways to cook on the grill. Maybe we will have hamburgers tonight? Posted: 7:27 pm on June 8th

AlwaysSearching writes: Last weekend was ancho rubbed leg of lamb.Pickled cauliflower on the side to tame the heat.
Tomorrow burgers made from ground short ribs.
Buttermilk chicken and cornbread this weekend.
Of course, ground lamb made Kofta style and VERY spicy shrimp
show up regularly !! Posted: 7:20 pm on June 8th

Kit_cooking writes: Tomorrow night we'll have either Fish Tacos, made with grilled halibut, or Olive Oil Poached (wild) Salmon with Indian Spices. It'll depend on what's better in the market. Yum! Posted: 7:06 pm on June 8th

CooksBest writes: I love grilled kabobs with vegetables, rubbed with homemade Pinco Powder, served with Tzatziki Sauce and grilled Naan bread. Yum! Posted: 7:02 pm on June 8th

Cococroissants writes: Favorite food on the grill-baby back ribs-after simmering them on the stove, basting them and grilled on the bar-b-que along with roasted tomatoes. Posted: 6:13 pm on June 8th

JJinPA writes: We love to do the Prosciutto wrapped chicken stuffed with mozzarella and basil from last year's "Fresh." We're also big burger fans, and love to do a grilled portabello stuffed with various cheeses. Salmon burgers are good, too! Posted: 5:39 pm on June 8th

LisaL55 writes: Love to grill pizzas. I also love the margarita marinated skirt steak from Fine Cooking! Posted: 5:12 pm on June 8th

dasgso writes: Skirt steak fajitas! Posted: 4:55 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: sorry bout all the posts the website said they didnot go through cuz they were too large Posted: 4:50 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: steaks 1 c ea dill pickle & pepperocini juice 1 tsp garlic pdr 1 tsp onion pdr soak meat 2 hours. Makes Tender juicy steak Doesn't taste like pickles. Posted: 4:49 pm on June 8th

shubero writes: My husband an 9 of his closest friends made 100 lbs of susages. Chicken,pork and venison, so we are BBqing up lots of homemade susages. Yumm. Posted: 4:49 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: t-bones Posted: 4:49 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: steaks 1 c ea dill pickle & pepperocini juice 1 tsp garlic pdr 1 tsp onion pdr soak meat 2 hours. Makes Tender juicy steak Doesn't taste like pickles. Posted: 4:48 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: steaks, 1 c dill pickle juice, 1 c pepperocini juice
1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp onion powder,
soak meat for 2 hours. Makes the steak tender and juicy Doesn't taste like pickles. Posted: 4:45 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: steaks, 1 c dill pickle juice, 1 c pepperocini juice
1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp onion powder,
marinate meat for approx 2 hours. Do not marinate over night.
Sounds awful but it makes the steak tender and juicy and it doesn't taste like pickles. Posted: 4:44 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: The best grilled t-bone you'll ever eat!!!
1 cup dill pickle juice, 1 cup pepperocini juice
1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp onion powder, pepper to taste
marinate meat for approx 2 hours. Do not marinate over night.
Sounds awful but it makes the steak tender and juicy and it doesn't taste like pickles. Posted: 4:43 pm on June 8th

fargocowgirl writes: The best grilled t-bone you'll ever eat!!!

My husband uses this marinate mix for steaks and it makes them sooo tender and juicy. the first time I saw him make the marinate mix I thought it would be awful but I was pleasantly

1 cup dill pickle juice
1 cup pepperocini juice
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
pepper to taste

marinate meat for approx 2 hours. Do not marinate over night. Posted: 4:41 pm on June 8th

andycjr writes: Just had a Start of Summer Party (SOS) and had a hot grill covered with hamburgers and brats. Great evening with friends and great food. Posted: 4:18 pm on June 8th

milkncookiezzz writes: PIZZA! The crust becomes perfectly crispy and the smoky flavors from the grill make these pizzas the best and totally my favorite! Posted: 4:09 pm on June 8th

seejanecook writes: Cabbage, bacon and onions swimming in a beer bath (aluminum pan) next to beer-boiled brats. With a side of beer. Posted: 4:06 pm on June 8th

ostman writes: Lots of sausage, vegetables and tofu for my vegetarian daughter. Posted: 3:28 pm on June 8th

Lifestyles writes: i forgot to mention... this could be a whole salmon, fillet, or half salmon with skin on. its all good :-) Posted: 3:16 pm on June 8th

Lifestyles writes: Pacific Salmon marinated in soy sauce, and then laid on a bed of soaked cedar boughs in the barbecue. Put barbecue on low heat... enough to get the boughs smoking. smoke for about 20 mins. Brush with maple syrup and serve hot or cold. soooo good! Posted: 3:15 pm on June 8th

sy308 writes: Here in Buffalo where wings are King, I'm making Buffalo (grilled) Chicken Wing Pizza! No need to use the oven, I grill the chicken with spices and then the pizza with toppings i.e. wing sauce, blue cheese etc. Delicious! Posted: 3:06 pm on June 8th

J_Creed writes: I've been loving the Argentine burgers from a FC issue several years ago. Can't wait to try the flank steaks from the most recent FC issue. Posted: 2:50 pm on June 8th

JulieJules4 writes: stuffed poblanos (blackened first) with grilled corn, shrimp, a little cream cheese, currants, cilantro and topped with fresh lime, avacado and a little sour cream. yummy! Posted: 2:39 pm on June 8th

jem4752 writes: I've done salmon and Steelhead trout. I put some foil down on the grill, spray the foil with cooking spray, and then let the fish just set there(no flipping) and let it absorb the flavors. Also use applewood for smoky flavor. Posted: 2:38 pm on June 8th

Dave_in_NC writes: We've been enjoying simple grilled Salmon steak this spring. Brush the fish with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and minced garlic..... lots of minced garlic! Brush the hot grill with more olive oil and carefully lay the fish on the grill. Sprinkle on some soy sauce and put the cover down. Depending on the thickness of the fish, 4 or 5 minutes per side will do. Be sure to add more soy sauce when you turn it over. MMMMMM, good! Posted: 2:24 pm on June 8th

Lvern writes: When I fire up the grill it's usually pork, pork or pork. Posted: 2:17 pm on June 8th

Ptish writes: I am splitting bananas down the middle (in their peels), rubbing them in olive oil and kosher salt, then grillin em flesh down for about 10 minutes. Turn em over, pour some BBQ sauce on top and cook for another 10 minutes. Yum! Stick some of that creamy banana on your bratwurst for a really cool flavor combo! Posted: 2:14 pm on June 8th

geokaren writes: I'm smoking my own pastrami - brine a brisket for 7 days and then smoke for a couple of hours - pure bliss on homemade rye! Posted: 1:17 pm on June 8th

pintolinda writes: We are trying kabobs especially pork, chicken and shrimp types. Posted: 12:26 pm on June 8th

yanoula writes: Pizza on the grill, all kinds of fish, and of course chicken! Posted: 11:12 am on June 8th

daisyquilt writes: I will be grilling meat, potatoes, veggies, fruit, pound cake, bread and this year I'm trying out a cake recipe in a cast iron skillet on the grill. We don't have AC as I live in Seattle, so my goal is to keep the oven off as much as possible. My little kitchen heats up fast. Now, if it would stop raining... Posted: 4:58 pm on June 7th

mefarrel writes: pineapple coated in cinnamon Posted: 4:28 pm on June 7th

JofSouthbury writes: Love love love to grill in all weather. Swordfish is the most favorite. Posted: 2:44 pm on June 7th

chosenandfavor writes: i like grilled beef ribs with homemade barbeque sauce. PORK AND BEEF RIBS!! YUM!!!! Posted: 2:32 pm on June 7th

colleenanne writes: I don't eat much meat. I am about 90% vegetarian in my diet. I try to make veggies and whole grains the primary part of my diet.

I love making portobello mushroom "pizzas", with spinach and gruyere cheese, or with parmesan and pine nuts, or any number of combinations. Or, I marinate them in a balsamic based marinade, grill them, slice them, and serve them over polenta with toasted pine nuts and drizzled, reduced marinade.

Another veggie entree that I love is grilled eggplant that I roll up around either goat cheese, kalamata olives, and spinach or around ricotta cheese, chopped tomatoes, and pine nuts -- both topped with tomato sauce and some grated parmesan. Posted: 1:17 pm on June 7th

Momatad writes: Just about any and everything these days goes on the grill. Having started a diet and watching what I actually put in my mouth has made me realize how much butter, fat, oil and excess calories can be eliminated by cooking over a name it, if it doesn't fall thru the grill pan, it's over the flame. Posted: 1:05 pm on June 7th

ssteege1 writes: Roasted lamb and grilled Eggplant with Garlic-Cumin Vinaigrette, Feta & Herbs..... Posted: 12:55 pm on June 7th

Terriyaki2 writes: I grill most days of the week. Even in the rain and snow. :) The last few days we have had your awesome Sweet Cili & Root Beer Baby Back Ribs (yum!), grilled corn on the cob, grilled scalloped potatoes and, last night, Garlic Herb Griiled Chicken with rice pilaf. Posted: 12:24 pm on June 7th

ptc712 writes: In the past week, I grilled a bunch of vegetables to serve as a sald. I've also grilled chicken wings with a spice rub and a mix of BBQ sauces at the end.

And, whenever it strikes me, I throw a couple of kosher hot dogs on the grill just because I love a charred hot dog. Posted: 12:18 pm on June 7th

PDXPamela writes: Steak, chicken, salmon, YUMMMY..

Going to try to be more adventurous this year and do some grilled pizza and some kabobs! Posted: 12:15 pm on June 7th

beavertrail writes: We grilled pizza today. We made individual pizzas and everyone could top them however they wanted. No stone required. We have a charcoal grill and we put the dough right on the grate for a couple of minutes, turn it over, top it and cook it a few more minutes. YUM! Posted: 12:48 am on June 7th

Dickiesan writes: We like to grill fresh ahi belly (tuna) from a larger fish (150 lbs and up). The belly is about 3 lbs and usually quite fatty. Olive oil, salt, and pepper is all you need, and a good kiawe wood (mesquite's local cousin) fire. It's hard to believe that this rich and delicious part of the tuna used to be discarded when the fish were butchered! Posted: 12:43 am on June 7th

huntgoddess writes: I did a marinated flank steak over charcoal. Wonderful crust and rare inside. The next day I did a whole unstuffed turkey over indirect heat. The outside was crispy & brown with a nice crunch, inside the meat was tender & juicy and I think this will be the only way I prepare a whole turkey from now on! Posted: 2:07 pm on June 6th

DJ writes: A thick Porterhouse over a hardwood charcoal fire. First time we done that-it was so good. Crusty outside, rare inside. Posted: 12:31 pm on June 6th

Lariah writes: During the summer we use the grill every day (thank goodness it is gas!). Lately our favorite is pizza. We put a pizza stone on the grates, heat on low, slide the pizza on the stone, then crank one burner to high. We rotate the pizza once for even cooking. Turns out perfect! Posted: 12:19 pm on June 6th

shannonc1986 writes: Brisket. tried the wine brisket recipe off FC a couple of weeks ago with not so great results, so the next one's going on the smoker. Posted: 11:00 am on June 6th

ElmerJFudd writes: Wabbits, of course ;-)

Actually, ribs are making appearance, as are smoked chicken burgers, pork tenderloin, portabellos and corn in the husk. Also just found a great recipe for shrimp burgers that will be Sunday's dinner. Posted: 9:40 am on June 6th

aeroflot writes: We've done venison burgers with roasted chilis and onions. Then we did elk steak with raspberry barbecue sauce. So good. Posted: 8:53 pm on June 5th

southerncooker writes: Last weekend we grilled some venison burgers and this past week my son threw some ribs and corn on the cob on the grill. We've also recently had some grilled hot dogs. I love pizza and veggies on the grill as well as fish and meats. Posted: 6:03 pm on June 5th

adl27 writes: Chicken four million ways. Posted: 6:03 pm on June 5th

krogers1956 writes: Tonight it's a nice fresh butterflied chicken, grilled romaine and grilled pitas (from the most recent Fine Cooking). Every week I grill a nice big batch of onions and peppers and use them with pasta, salads and on pizza. Mmmmmmm. Grilled corn out of the husk is a new favorite. Tri-tip with carmelized onions and red wine barbecue sauce is my go-to meal for company. Posted: 5:07 pm on June 5th

Wisconnie writes: Korean short ribs. Mmmmm. Posted: 2:10 pm on June 5th

user-4713770 writes: Anything, but ribs and chicken to this point, next wings cuz I have some fancy wing hangers...I am so excited about my infrared Charbroil Smoker-Roaster-Grill and I have used it a few times with great success. I have yet to buy a book specifically for this new toy and the recipes for it at this time are just a few, but enough to get started with. Being infrared, smoking and cooking times are shortened and I just take notes

I would love to have recipes in one book instead of spending so much time on the Internet looking for just the right one. Not that their not good recipes, but I want to just get to it and while I enjoy the vast comments and instructions, there is too much reading and not enough grillin going on. Posted: 7:49 am on June 5th

Tarragonblues writes: What's heating up my grill this summer? Well I have found an awesome recipe for Sweet & Salty Chicken wings and I have already made 5 batches. Friends and family just can't get enough of them. Posted: 3:05 am on June 5th

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