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Rainbow Jell-o Mold: Amazingly Beautiful and I can only imagine, extremely complex.

Rainbow Jell-o Mold: Amazingly Beautiful and I can only imagine, extremely complex.

By Julissa Roberts, associate food editor

June 11th, 2010

Our company picnic is next week and I volunteered to make some Jell-O molds for one of our fun relays. People are going to have to try to pull out a metal spoon from the mold using only their teeth so they can then continue on with the egg carry race, but I digress. I mistakenly assumed making a Jell-O mold was as simple as just putting the gel into a vessel and plopping it out when I needed it.

Thankfully, I shouted out to my co-workers casually asking if they'd ever made a Jell-O mold and if it was as easy as I had assumed it was. When the resounding “no” came back, I was shocked. Several horror stories of failed Jell-O attempts followed. I had no idea how easily Jell-O catastrophe could strike. 

We jumped online to search out the best and easiest way to make Jell-O molds. We discovered a few sites and then we found this one:  The Jell-O Mold Mistress of Brooklyn.

Who knew Jell-O could be this amazing and intricate? There's some real artistry here and we all vowed to try some of the Mistress's creations. We’re bringing Jell-O back, YEAH!

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Comments (4)

popcorngirl writes: I sold Tupperware for many years and have used their molds with Jell-O and there are a few tricks to a successful unmolding. First, very lightly spray the mold with something like unflavored PAM. Proceed with your recipe. Just before unmolding, wrap the mold with a hot, damped towel, just enough to soften the gelatin from the shape of the mold. Use the heat of the towel over every outer part of the mold for a few minutes. Cover the 'bottom' of the mold with the serving plate, hold both tight with both hands and then quickly and carefully flip the mold onto the serving plate. Personally, I find holding my breath and squinting my eyes helps. Hahahaha!! ;o) Posted: 3:50 pm on June 14th

Sarafina1977 writes: That is too awesome!

My mother passed on her circa 1980-something Tupperware Jello mold to me a couple of years ago in hopes that I would use it. I don't ever recall her using it...maybe she had a few failed attempts, too. Anyway, maybe I'll start experimenting with it and help the crusade to bring the lost art back! Posted: 11:33 am on June 14th

JuliRoberts writes: Hi Sue,

Sadly, i don't have the recipe but if you go to the Jell-o Mold Mistress' website she gives a few details on it. Posted: 11:02 am on June 14th

SueCron writes: So where do I find the recipe for that gorgeous creation? Posted: 10:32 am on June 13th

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