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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Pea sauce with fresh mint

By Pielove, member

June 4th, 2010

Okay, when I first saw this article with the sauces made from pureed vegetables, I thought that the author was really reaching with this one.  Of course, you can see where this is going-- I tried the recipe, just because of the challenge, and it turns out to be delicious.  We served the sauce with parmesan crumb-coated baked fish (recipe from Abby Dodge's superb kids' cookbook Around the World).  The fish recipe is one of my daughter's favorites-- she even does most of the cooking (except putting it in the oven!).  

The sauce was a great complement to the fish-- I augmented the herbal flavors of the peas, leeks, and mint with a splash of vermouth as it was cooking, then we garnished it with a generous dollop of green habanero sauce, which was really excellent with the other "green" flavors.  I love sauces, gravies, etc., and it is great to have a sauce that is so healthful that I don't feel bad eating it by the spoonful.  Because you know I spooned every bit out of that pan! 

Recipe Used: Pea sauce with fresh mint

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user-4713770 writes: So glad you tried that sauce...I was thinking about the carrot one as well. Posted: 10:17 pm on June 4th

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