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Cook the Issue 2010: Creamy dandelion greens and goat cheese gratin

By Pielove, member

June 6th, 2010

I love bitter greens and goat cheese and gratins with crispy toppings (and crusty edges!) so it is no surprise that I really loved this recipe.  My husband was similarly impressed and even my greens-disliking daughter gave it a score of tolerable.  The amount of dandelion greens that I had seemed kind of scant, so I threw in a bunch of spinach for the last minute of the boiling step-- even a bit more greens would work well, as there is plenty of cheese and topping.

I cut the cream down to about 2/3c, which made a very tasty gratin without being overly rich.  We also prefer a more forward garlic flavor, so instead of infusing the garlic with the cream, I just scattered chopped garlic over the greens and goat cheese.  I think this would work well with just about any green-- I can't wait for my CSA deliveries to start!

Recipe Used: Creamy dandelion greens and goat cheese gratin

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