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Use Real Butter is my favorite food blog - I get hungry every time I read it. Blogger Jen Yu is a terrific photographer, and her posts usually begin with a series of lovely nature photos taken around her home base in the Colorado Rockies (or from the road if she's traveling), and a glimpse of what's going on in her life. Then she gets down to the food. There's one recipe per post, and each is photographed step by step in awesome detail. The recipes run the gamut from simple home fare to elaborate desserts and exotic dishes you've never heard of.

I especially like it when she makes one of the dishes she remembers her Chinese parents cooking for her as a child, beacause I usually learn something about ingredients I'm not familiar with. Example: In a recent post about Savory Chinese Soybean Milk Soup, we were introduced to Chinese doughnuts and pork sung (aka dried shredded pork). Amazingly, a week later, a recipe arrived in the Fine Cooking test kitchen calling for pork floss (another name for pork sung), and since I'd just read that blog, I knew exactly what to look for.

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GEide writes: Yum... I love those Chinese doughnuts. Never tried them in a soup like that though... I first tried them in Malaysia. They were being deep fried in a big vat of oil at a street corner food stall. They're really good with coffee or tea or dipped in a pork-rib soup called Bak Kut Teh: Posted: 12:22 pm on June 15th

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