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Cook the Issue 2010: Paella

By Pielove, member

June 23rd, 2010

Okay, I had never tasted paella before, much less cooked it-- but I gave this recipe a try and I'm glad I did.  My family is not much for shellfish, so I used sausage and summer squash.  The sausage was leftover grilled bratwurst from the weekend-- so you could call this Sheboygan-style paella.  I also didn't have a paella pan, so I used my 14-inch nonstick pan.  Unfortunately, the difference in surface area means that the liquid did not evaporate as readily as it should, so my paella was a bit soupy.  Also, the crust on the bottom got a bit darker than it should (like black, oops), but the slightly less carbonized areas were really delicious.  

Still, the rice was flavorful and had a great texture and the sausage (of course) made a great combination.  The photos are not so great today, as dinner was interrupted by our tornado sirens.  Luckily the most severe weather passed us by.  Now I need to acquire a real paella pan and try this recipe again!  One tip I found elsewhere on the internet-- if you cannot find bomba rice, the Valencia-style rice (I used La Prefereida) makes an acceptable substitute.  I used the latter and it worked well (inasmuch as I can tell).

Recipe Used: Classic Seafood Paella

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