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A Cooking Class Weekend

Clockwise from top left: Sara Moulton, a few lucky past attendees, Ted Reader, Susie Middleton, Gerald Hirigoyen.

Clockwise from top left: Sara Moulton, a few lucky past attendees, Ted Reader, Susie Middleton, Gerald Hirigoyen.

By Laurie Buckle, editor

August 14th, 2010

UPDATE. If you, like me, were looking forward to this year's Fine Cooking Epicurean Classic in St. Joe, Michigan, then you too will be disappointed to learn that it has been canceled. (For more information go to the event's website.) The good news is that we've already started talking about what's next, and I can guarantee you it's going to be even better—so stay tuned for an update soon!

We're just a little more than two months away from the Fine Cooking Epicurean Classic, our three-day bonanza of chefs and cookbook authors and artisans and winemakers, all coming to teach and cook and eat with you (and me!) on the shore of Lake Michigan, in the town of St. Joe. I'm not sure I can wait, since we've got an impressive list of presenters signed on. You'll find Abby Dodge demonstrating super easy, super delicious desserts that have only four ingredients; Molly Stevens making a classic bistro menu; Pam Anderson revealing the secrets of one-dish entertaining; and Susie Middleton making the most of summer favorites like tomatoes and corn and zucchini. The wonderful Dorie Greenspan will be there, too, as will Sara Moulton, Eileen Yin-Fei Lo, Deborah Madison, and Rowan Jacobsen (I'll get the enviable chance to lead him in a discussion of his brilliant new book, American Terroir). And that's just a start. Stay tuned for updates and news.


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teach2 writes: What a fantastic way to celebrate my husband's fine cooking. He now is the fulltime chef in our family! He is a master in training with more than 200 cookbooks every cooking magazine to read and use. He was the one who gifted me lessons from James Beard, Jacques Pipin and others, now it's my turn to gift him!!!!!What a surprise this would be for a belated birthday present! Pick me and you'll have a winner! Posted: 11:41 am on July 2nd

gram2ike writes: I work for our church which has a wide varieties of events through out the year that I need to cook for. I am always looking for research material (i.e. cookbooks and magazines) and something new and interesting to serve the people. I have come to enjoy Fine Cooking magazine. The Epicurean Classic would be an great opportunity to do "research" in the quaint town of St Joseph here in our great state of Michigan. Posted: 9:39 pm on July 1st

helenmc writes: I live to cook. I love everything food related, and have an extensive cookbook collection. I am always trying to evolve my cooking with new techniques and ideas. I cook at a high school for 1400 everyday and am continually expanding the menu and opening up new flavors for the kids. To attend this, I am sure I would come home with more than a few new ideas, judging on who is attending. I would truly be thrilled to attend this event!!! Posted: 7:16 pm on July 1st

KK13 writes: WOW!!! What a fabulous way to spend a weekend!!! Please, please!!! Posted: 4:33 pm on July 1st

kcooks writes: Wow, this looks incredible! Crossing my fingers as I type :-) Posted: 1:29 pm on July 1st

DianesFoodBlog writes: This would be a GREAT reward to myself for surviving breast cancer - and to my husband for having to pick up my slack in the kitchen throughout it! My surgery and radiation therapy will be taking up my entire summer, and I should be just about done in time for this weekend. I imagine my appetite will be coming back by then too! Posted: 1:28 pm on July 1st

sofaki writes: Wow, this is the first I'm hearing of this. I love to cook, have an entire collection of recipes that I've uploaded into my personal cookbook and have never, ever been to St. Joe's, although I only live 45 minutes away. How exciting that something this extraordinary is going on so close to home and I'm not clued in till now. Pick me please!!!!!!!!!!! Posted: 12:58 pm on July 1st

mamalatte writes: Great timing... If we drop our youngest daughter off for her freshman year at UW-Madison on the scheduled day (August 26), my husband and I can easily make it to St. Joseph for the opening session of the Epicurean Classic on the 27th. I stumbled on this wonderful opportunity as I was about to research recipes that would enable me to utilize the abundant basil currently growing in my suburban Philadelphia backyard vegetable garden (one can only eat so much pesto!). What better way to mark the transition to empty-nesthood, with its promise of new adventures in the kitchen, then learning about and experiencing f/Fine c/Cooking at this event. Thanks for the possibility of being chosen for the passes. Posted: 12:53 pm on July 1st

dbilyeu writes: Would you like to be my next door neighbor and hear the screams of delight when I am chosen to come to this delight of my heart. A great cooking seminar.

So let it be, I am waiting!

dbilyeu Posted: 12:39 pm on July 1st

amydee writes: Wow! I could really actually go to this since I live just up the lake a few hours. I am a "blank canvas" and eager beginner when it comes to cooking, but I love to play "food critic" when I travel and eat out. I get all the cooking magazines, watch many, many cooking shows, and collect interesting cookbooks for fun. But, I NEED HELP, CONFIDENCE, AND INSPIRATION in order to get past the basics to actually cook.
Think this event would do it? I'd love to go... and think I could convince my BFF to fly in from Montana to attend with me (it would be a great retirement gift for her.) Posted: 10:34 am on July 1st

greatgrandma writes: Oooo! Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Ooo! Ooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me! Ooo! Oooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Posted: 9:38 am on July 1st

bookrestcook writes: We have never had our "Own" kitchen. We always made do with whatever the previous owner had, just replacing appliances as needed. But when we decided to remodel the old family farm house, the kitchen came first. If the builders stay on track, they should just be finishing up our marble-topped dream the last week in August. What a life-time treat it would be to come home from Michigan and cook our first meal after being inspired by an event like this. Posted: 9:07 am on July 1st

MonarchCove writes: I was so excited to see that this event is only 4 hours away! This would be such a wonderful surprise for my husband. He loves to cook, and after 29 years of marriage I'm finally getting used to my role as his sous chef! Posted: 9:06 am on July 1st

pinkpansy writes: I just retired and have always loved cooking and learning. Now I have the time to develop my skills and would, without doubt, fully take advantage of an opportunity like this.

Thank you for considering me. Posted: 8:53 am on July 1st

Campbell323 writes: Please pick me because I have developed the very best recipe for red velvet cupcakes ever!!!! Posted: 8:39 pm on June 30th

emilie123 writes: I am most grateful to have the opportunity to be considered for this Cooking Class Weekend. I am willing to share any and all the cooking and baking techniques that I know and use, with others. I would love to acquire and add more useful techniques to my repertoire. I especially adore helping the next generation to know that preparing and cooking meals at home is an act of love to self and family. Posted: 8:35 pm on June 30th

sg2 writes: My husband and I are rediscovering a love of cooking together using fresh ingredients from our own garden and from the local farmer's market and would enjoy a chance to learn from the great line-up scheduled. Posted: 6:40 pm on June 30th

barbshenson writes:
Fine Cooking has been a part of my holy trinity for cooking since 1994( I still have the magazines).Your magazine has inspired me on to great food anc cooking technique. I would love meeting and learning from the incredibe collection of talented culinary artists and teachers. The Fine Cooking Epicurean Classic is a fantasy trip of my lifetime.
Your Friend in the Kitchen
Barb Posted: 6:17 pm on June 30th

EmilyR writes: I wish I had a really cute or romantic reason why you should pick me, but I don't. I'm just a passionate foodie who loves to eat and cook and shop local farmers markets. I have a cookbook collection that is threatening to take over two bookcases, I've been watching cooking shows since I was a small child and thought the Frugal Gourmet was way more interesting than My Little Pony, and I'm attempting to write a food blog, although I post far less frequently than I intend to. If you pick me, you can be sure you will be picking someone who will attend every session, who will be engaged and inquisitive and who will cherish it as the experience of a lifetime that it is. Posted: 6:12 pm on June 30th

KKsMom writes: There are so many reasons behind my SINCERE REQUEST TO PICK ME!!! My husband and I can think of no better way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I am from the great state if MI and this would be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate two of my favorite things --- Fine Cooking and food --- AND the added bonus would be to visit with family that I have not seen in several years!! Sara Moulton is fabulous and seeing her present would be a AMAZING! I could go on and on and on...Thanks for the opportunity. Posted: 4:55 pm on June 30th

BrigidH writes: What a great 50th birthday present this would be! My birthday will have just been 9 days earlier and it would be a wonderful way to continue the celebration with learning about cooking techniques and getting new recipes. I love learning new ways to present delicious meals and because I live in the rural midwest, I do not always have the opportunity----this would be fantastic! Posted: 2:47 pm on June 30th

orator1 writes: It was a great pleasure for me to attend the Classic last year in it's new home, St. Joseph Michigan. The show is really a classic -- and so is the location -- the bluff in St. Joseph overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan. If you really are into cooking, and want to learn a lot of tips from great chefs this is an absolute must to attend. Posted: 2:04 pm on June 30th

jrajani writes: This would be a great prize to win! Posted: 1:28 pm on June 30th

Loros writes: This would be the best prize ever! I had to cancel cooking classes before I got married so this would definitely make up for that lost chance to learn from professionals! Thank you for the great opportunity! Posted: 12:53 pm on June 30th

Beckdelareux1 writes: This would be an absolutely amazing opportunity. Thank you for the chance! Posted: 12:40 pm on June 30th

bellalimento writes: What an amazing opportunity! This would be THE cooking class of cooking classes to attend and I would be over the moon ecstatic to be able to learn from some of the most talented chefs! Fingers crossed! Posted: 12:29 pm on June 30th

DJ writes: I love the shores of Lake Michigan.Having growing up in southwest Michigan, I miss the bounty of fruit that grows there. Working in the fields, picking fruit and produce were how many of us financed college educations.
Meeting and learning from my Fine Cooking heroes, i.e. Pam Anderson, would be a lovely addition to to a return to "home". Posted: 11:57 am on June 30th

Ciaogirl writes: I have never been to a cooking class before! I consider myself a "Foodie" and belong to a "Foodie Group" with a couple other friends. I love to cook and do a lot of it for my church and other people who need me. I was born in Michigan and live close by in Northwest Indiana. With a first grandbaby due soon in North Dakota and a daughter getting married at the beginning of August, I would LOVE to be able to do something like this and learn new and exciting things!! My husband also loves to cook - he is half Italian and cooks without recipes. I love recipes!! Sounds like a dream come true "Foodie" road trip.
Bon Appetit! Posted: 11:47 pm on June 29th

SuzyQ5 writes: Our kitchen is the heart of our home. I learned both my love for cooking and baking from my mom. Who better to inspire the passion and love for cooking? She is a great cook! The first place everyone gathers in, and pretty much remains in, is the kitchen. Food can soothe one's soul; just one bite of something you love, changes your perspective about everthing. I collect recipes galore from everywhere I go; there are so many great food places with great cooks, especially great local places. I love watching the FoodTV network shows and PBS cooking shows. All these culinary experts share fantastic recipes, skills and techniques that I would love to observe up close and personal. I think learning from these experts would allow me to bring my family even better home cooking and special family dinners. My fiance' lives in Michigan and I commute daily to Michigan for work. We love to explore great eating places together. The Fine Cooking Epicurean classic would be a Pure Michigan adventure for us to remember and to share with our families. Posted: 11:15 pm on June 29th

lainer1003 writes: This would be a fantastic opportunity to gather ideas, learn skills and improve on my menu selection

Thank you for the opportunity. Posted: 10:56 pm on June 29th

gregpaultaylor writes: Since i love cooking, and better yet i love meeting celebrity chefs. This would be perfect for a guy like myself, plus i'm Canadian who lives near the lake and i love your magazine it rocks. Hope to see you fellow stars there. Peace! Posted: 10:27 pm on June 29th

krogers1956 writes: Pick me! Pick me! I'd love to be your guest at the Epicurean Classic! Just one more reason for me to spread the good word about Fine Cooking! I love to cook and entertain and I've started a food blog to share what I've learned. Posted: 9:52 pm on June 29th

JEANMARIE writes: what a awesome experience to be be able to meet and learn from the best. I love food and learning new techniques. And If I won I would not have to keep requesting that you move the classic to North Carolina so I could attend this fantastic event what a wonderful experience Posted: 8:28 pm on June 29th

Officedee writes: Wish I had the time to cook like I used to, but I still enjoy experimenting with recipes and trying my own spin. My daughter has started to take an interest in the kitchen and it's great to see how excited she gets when she prepares something "amazing". Cooking is definitely an uplifting experience. My grandfather was an Italian pastry chef in NYC who unfortunately did not share his recipes before his passing. Would love to attend this event with my daughter since we both have a love for cooking and enjoy learning from the best, and someday be able to share with our family. Posted: 7:42 pm on June 29th

gigidixie3 writes: Wow! This would be a dream trip.

What a great way to celenrate my 40th wedding annivsary and get to meet and observe so many food greats. Our greatest treat is to get together with friends and experience new recipes and foods.
Posted: 6:20 pm on June 29th

Conniesusan writes: I would love to attend this cooking event in Michigan. Posted: 6:17 pm on June 29th

GinnyCooks writes: I would love to attend this event as I love cooking. It is what I do to relax. If I am not cooking, I am likely reading about it on the internet or purusing one of my many, many cookbooks. The list of presenters is amazing and I can't imagine a better oportunity to learn even more. Posted: 6:00 pm on June 29th

dyelen writes: This looks like a fabulous event and a gorgeous location! The tastings alone make the trip worthwhile. Posted: 4:51 pm on June 29th

handymanhorn writes: What a fabulous opportunity to join an amazing group of chefs and authors! Pick me, please! Posted: 4:37 pm on June 29th

honoree writes: I would love to learn all I can from these great chefs. I recently retired, and am enjoying cooking as a hobby. I truly am a foodie, love to create fabulous dishes for my husband who is underappreciative! (He's a picky eater, such a travesty for a foodie!) Posted: 4:26 pm on June 29th

GourmetWineaux writes: As marketing director and culinary educator for The Chef's Loft in Scottsdale, I would love to learn from these culinary Masters. A trip to Michigan would be a nice reprieve from the hot Arizona summer, just in time for a refresher course before our culinary calendar gets into full swing in September. Posted: 3:46 pm on June 29th

gillianoc writes: I would love to learn from the pros at teaching cooking classes!! I have begun to teach gluten free cooking classes after teaching myself in order to feed my Celiac son. The line up sounds so wonderful for being able to watch the best at work and bring the lessons back home to my students. Fine Cooking is my go-to source for learning everything about cooking.

What a thrill it would be to be picked!!! (And my SO loves to cook too...) Posted: 3:14 pm on June 29th

bakingbeth writes: Cooking is my daily activity to clear my mind of the stresses of owning a business for 26 years. I haven't been to Michigan since I was a kid at camp. The Epicurean Classic sounds like it is meant for me Posted: 11:39 am on June 29th

babs1365 writes: I would love to attend this weekend workshop! It sounds like a wonderful experience and on the shore of Lake Michigan - how awesome! Hope to see you there! Posted: 11:33 am on June 29th

easyreader writes: I thought it would be fun to combine my desire to have new food experiences along with our travel plans for the summer. So I googled "Food Festivals" and just found the information about your Fine Foods Epicurean Classic. I have attended a cookbook club over the last several years. My challenge to myself is to cook things I have never done in the past; trying new techniques along the way. I started cooking when I was about ten. I remember the look on my dad's face when I put sweet gherkin pickle slices in our green salad for dinner. I have come a long way from then, but would love the opportunity to continue my education by attending this event. In addition, I can see that visiting your website frequently would also aid in that goal. Posted: 11:06 am on June 29th

tlradvan writes: This was such a wonderful time last year. I was only able to attend 1 day and I had a blast. I love to cook and have grown in my ability. Cooking became a necesity as my allergy to soy became unmanageable.

Meeting and learinging from the chefs and attending the classes would be such a privledge! The chefs that are at the event this year have so much knowledge and experience to share. For this "wish I was a Chef" this would be a once in a life time event to attend for more than one day! Love Fine Cooking! It is my go to for parties and entertaining! Posted: 8:55 am on June 29th

SVITALIAN writes: What a memorable experience, one I would love to win. I love to cook for my family and friends. I always want to learn a new recipe and/or tricks with food. My husband loves good food and would benefit from my experience. Posted: 11:46 pm on June 28th

PeaBunnyMommy writes: I have 6yo twin girls. One of whom is a gourmand in the making, she loves rare steak, fresh veggies (brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, to name a few), smelt roe, and can taste the difference between farm fresh eggs and regular ones (even if they are organic). The second twin has CP and is just learning to eat orally again, she loves savory things -- fresh white bean hummus has been the favorite. We live where there are lots of wonderful fresh foods and meat just outside of Bloomington, IN. I would love to learn new techniques and recipes to entice them both to eat more and well, while taking advantage of the local markets. Also, my spouse would love a larger variety than the standard fare. Better techniques mean better food fast. Posted: 9:17 pm on June 28th

lisaschu writes: I would love to attend this great event. I have been reading your magazine since 1998 and still have almost every issue, some are very worn from use. T o actually meet the authors of the articles would be amazing and thank them for making me look so good in the kitchen. Learning new techniques. I love food, I love preparing food for family and friends. Good food, drinks family and friends that is what it is all about. Posted: 9:12 pm on June 28th

IndianFoodRocks writes: Why would I like to attend? Because it would open up my world to a range of cooking and techniques that I am not familiar with! Posted: 8:26 pm on June 28th

stephdmarsh writes: I would so love to attend a wonderful weekend of food, fun and learning. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, one gorgeous young man, grandmother to a princess, wife to my best friend, a homekeeper, a business owner, a gardener who loves to cook and a cook who loves to garden. Everything I do is for my family. What a wonderful way to spend a "me" weekend. Posted: 6:40 pm on June 28th

SewSimply writes: What a welcome break from the 97+ temperatures here in Austin and a great opportunity to catch up with friends from the midwest. I could add to my ever expanding cookbook collection and get some great new tips for cooking for friends and family. I love Michigan and area wines so that is another great plus. Posted: 6:23 pm on June 28th

anncancook writes: There was a time when I subscribed to a multitude of cooking magazines. Now I subscribe to only one: Fine Cooking. I love the emphasis on freshness and simplicity and paying close attention to technique. Fine Cooking also has the distinction of being the first publication that taught me how to make a perfect pie crust. That's something even culinary school and years of practice could not do! Love the lineup on this event and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go! Posted: 5:42 pm on June 28th

MomtoZoe writes: My daughter and I just finished watching Julie and Julia and were both inspired to learn to cook, REALLY cook. What better way than at a HUGE wonderful weekend full of some of the most talented chefs. I can't think of anything better! Posted: 4:52 pm on June 28th

dineindiva writes: I looked at the classes and chef line-up a month or so ago and was blown away by how many talented people were a part of this - it sounds like a fabulous experience.

I am within driving distance and I would love to attend. This is just the kind of experience that helps me develop as a personal chef and I would love to attend. Posted: 4:07 pm on June 28th

chezhoy writes: I have been in the US Air Force for 13 years (this Aug 27th) and my 11th wedding anniversary is Aug 28th. I have been a foodie since I was a child and worked in the restaurant biz until I joined the Air Force. I am currently attending American Military University earning my BA in Hospitality Management (Food Concentration) while being a husband and father of two. I retire in 7 years and plan on attending culinary school using the Post 9/11 GI Bill. After graduation from culinary school I plan to open up a restaurant in Denver, CO. I feel this trip is beneficial in the advancement of my professional career and a great anniversary gift for my wife and I. Posted: 4:03 pm on June 28th

pogirlgourmet writes: The Top Five Reasons I Should be Chosen:

1. To be able to host a "real" dinner party that doesn't consist of packaged meats
2. To out-do my mother-in-law
3. To use my passion for cooking and take it to another level
4. To be caught up in the excitement of the event on a whole new level
5. See #3 Posted: 4:03 pm on June 28th

lucooks writes: I love to cook and have for years! I have many "guinea pigs" in my life who encourage me even when the results do not live up to my expectations. I have grown the most in my cooking life when I started reading Fine Cooking. "You can do anything" is what FC tells me. In real-life, I cook for those I my dreams, I am a chef at a 5-star restaurant! Would love the chance to head to the Epicurean Classic in Michigan. Posted: 4:00 pm on June 28th

perchefkris writes: Having discovered Fine Cooking about six years ago, it has revolutionized my cooking and my culinary style. I am addicted to it! I would love an opportunity to attend this event. As a personal chef, teaching hands-on classes and learning from other foodies is my passion.
Our 43rd anniversary is also during this event, so bring it on! Posted: 3:58 pm on June 28th

Texas_Foodie writes: I can really relate to cookingcougar - trying to find your "thing" in life is very important. When my daughter was in high school, I told her to figure out what it is she loves to do and then figure out a way to make a living at it. She has earned her bachelor's in graphic design at the Art Institute. I wish someone would have given me the same advice because I would be making a living, somehow, through food. Instead, I am a sales engineer - but to keep my sanity, I often take local cooking classes. I love it and would love the opportunity to attend this event. Posted: 2:11 pm on June 28th

jdcm writes: I came across the article for the Epicurean Classic while enjoying my June issue of Fine Cooking. I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to attend this event. I love to cook and to learn from the experts. The 2010 location is very close to our home which also appealed to me. I have invited my Mother in-law to join me on this incredible weekend adventure. The two of us will have time to learn and visit while attending the event. I am very excited and anxious for August 26th. Posted: 2:00 pm on June 28th

cookincougar writes: I have a 7 year old son and I am always saying that I need to be on the lookout for his "thing". The thing he loves to do. One of my earliest recollections from childhood is sitting in a pantry playing Julia Child. When I was in the tub I'd bring measuring cups bowls and spoons and play Julia. Unfortunately, no offense to my parents, no one picked up on this as my "thing". When I moved out on my own, I finally had my own kitchen and since then cooking has been my favorite thing to do. The plate is my palate and the music to my ears are the words "Is there any more?" My mom doesn't have confidence in the kitchen, my Dad did most of the cooking until he passed. When Mom and I get together it's all about what we are going to cook and eat. If I was selected Mom would be coming along for the trip. She is my foodie apprentice and my best friend. Posted: 12:25 pm on June 28th

MichaelsKilleRecipes writes: Ya' know, this summer, since I'm not working, I've taken this opportunity to start a food blog and share food- something so common, and so essential, but brings us all together! My friends and family all live so far away from me (I'm on the west coast, them the east), this was the easiest way for me to "cook for them"! It's working out awesome! And, now I'm doing cookbook reviews, and about to add videos. Going to this Fine Cooking Epicurean Classic would teach me things I don't know, allow me to network with others, and then come back and share it with my fellow blogsters, and show my nieces and nephews some great cooking tips, now that they are on their own! And, it's right around my Aug 24th Birthday!!! WHOO HOOO! THAT would be a gift!!!!

Honestly, there's others that have great reasons too... I'm just biased towards mine!

Mange Bene! Michael ( ) Posted: 12:21 am on June 28th

bjf10255 writes: I love to cook and learn new techniques. It would be an honor to learn from such impressive talent. I am also sure my family would love it, too. They are such good sports about trying new things....imagine how happy they would be if once I come back from your epicurean classic training and all (well maybe all) of my dishes turn out tasty. Posted: 1:57 pm on June 27th

sfcooker writes: I'm from the Detroit area and remember family car trips to Lake Michigan - my mom would "make" me and my sisters pick berries on the way home and then spend days canning and baking. I get my passion for cooking from her. Unfortunately, my mom passed away this month after a long illness. What better way to honor and remember her than by coming back out to St. Joe with my sisters for the Fine Cooking Epicurean Classic! Posted: 12:44 pm on June 27th

penelopeplantlady writes: How great it would bed to spend time with such luminaries! My cooking/food appreciation began with a mother who intuitively did a good job. Real education began with curiosity and guidance by Julia Child on PBS in the early 70s, and as a charter subscriber possessing all issues of Fine Cooking since Vol 1, I have gained invaluable knowledge and pleasure! And now, with my invaluable on-line database of 'Favorites' I hit daily. There's so much more to learn! I hope to see you on the shores of Lake Michigan in August, 2010! Posted: 12:37 pm on June 27th

Dushi writes: My husband and I both love traveling and cooking. What better reason to visit the Fine Cooking Epicurean Classics? Posted: 7:07 am on June 27th

A2townie writes: Fine Cooking Magazine has changed my life... and that's the truth! I was once a seat-of-the-pants “chief” and used to brag about not being able to follow a recipe. I was just too creative, I'd say with my nose in the air. Well, my nose has come down several notches and is enjoying the new altitude very much. Thank you for your love of and dedication to food. Everyone who creates Fine Cooking Magazine is appreciated by my whole family. Posted: 5:03 pm on June 26th

plana writes: I met a wonderful man from Michigan during a conference and have fallen in love with him. We are both passionate about food and wine; one of the many things that has attracted us to each other despite the distance between us. He lives in Michigan and I live in Miami. We know without a doubt that one day we will be living in the same state together, but until then we try to see each other as often as possible. The Fine Cooking Epicurean Classic would be an unbelievable opportunity to be together enjoying what we and wine. Posted: 3:00 pm on June 26th

khh5 writes: Wow this would make a great anniversary trip for us. I have always enjoyed cooking but now my husband is enjoying it as well. He loves learning new techniques and now even enjoys looking for those special ingredients. And if there is any Cabernet Franc to taste he'd really be in heaven!

Posted: 11:00 pm on June 25th

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