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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Sweet Chili and Root Beer Baby Back Ribs

By Pielove, member

June 27th, 2010

We had never grilled ribs before, so this was a bit of a challenge.  Also, we have a regular Weber charcoal grill, so maintaining temperature requires some finessing.  That said, this recipe turned out great.  We did one rack with the chili glaze and one rack with the chinese five-spice rub from this recipe:

Both sets of ribs came out great.  The chili glaze was a bit spicy for my daughter-- next time I will make a toned-down version.  Also, we do not like sweet, sticky glazes, so I used regular soy sauce instead of the sweet soy.  The glaze was a bit thin, but very flavorful.  Both my daughter and my husband are asking when we will make this again.  An excellent recipe.

Recipe Used: Sweet Chili and Root Beer Baby Backs

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liamsaunt writes: tiki drinks! I really could use those recipes for my upcoming vacation! Posted: 10:28 pm on June 30th

Pielove writes: Robyn from FC just posted a link to a sneak preview of Issue 106 over in the forums, check it out:

Tiki drinks and hand pies so far... I can't wait to get my copy. Posted: 9:09 pm on June 30th

Pielove writes: Hey gals-- Ha, I am quite ready for the next issue too! I have a few more things to make to round out #105, but the weather is getting hot around here too! Posted: 4:54 pm on June 29th

liamsaunt writes: Or maybe expand the eligible recipes to include the special publications that are currently for sale? I picked up the Grilling one last week and there are a bunch of recipes in it that I want to make. I too am getting to the end of what I am going to make from the current issues. I have been enjoying participating though! I have tried lots of new things. Thanks pielove for posting about Cook the Issue on egullet. I never would have noticed this challenge otherwise! Posted: 11:37 am on June 29th

user-4713770 writes: Glad you tried the recipe. When I made them, I took some leftover BBQ sauce that I had made and added it to the root beer sauce and it tamed the heat quite a bit.

I sure wish the powers that be would toss in recipes from other issues to change things up a bit. I am just a little bored until the next issue comes out. With the weather so hot and my goal to keep things cooler in the kitchen, I would like to see more recipes for grilling out until things cool down around here. Don't suppose that we can talk anyone into adding recipes from other issues that might qualify for summer and hot weather recipes. Gazpacho would be the first thing on my list since all the veggies are so fresh this time of year.

Speaking of which, I will make the musky melon gazpacho recipe dinner one night in the next busy week of cooking. A CT member posted it way back when and it is fabulous! Posted: 6:52 am on June 29th

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