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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Cornmeal and Green Peppercorn Crusted Spareribs

By liamsaunt, member

June 28th, 2010

These got mixed reviews.  My husband really liked the flavor of the crust and the way that you could eat these ribs with a knife and fork instead of gnawing them off the bone.  Other people missed the traditonal bbq treatment.  Nice to try but I would not make again, especially because the green peppercorns were so expensive!

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Pielove writes: Wow, that is a lot for green peppercorns. Do you ever mail order spices? I really like The Spice House-- I go to the Chicago store, but they have an online presence ( 1 oz green peppercorns for $2.89. If you are ever in Chicago, check out the store-- the smell is amazing!

Anyway, enough about that, thanks for trying the ribs-- I may give it a go, since I have the peppercorns already! Posted: 5:05 pm on June 29th

user-4713770 writes: I was waiting for someone to try that recipe as I didn't find it appealing at all. I use jarred brined green peppercorns in several recipes, much cheaper and less than $2.25/3.50 per ounce depending on the store. Posted: 6:39 am on June 29th

liamsaunt writes: The crust thing was not a problem--it came off easily. I was just taken aback by the cost of the green peppercorns! I paid $10.99 for a .5 ounce bottle--about 1/4 cup. Needless to say that's all I used in the recipe! Overall I think people liked the chili-root beer recipe better. I don't eat pork (other than bacon) so can't offer a personal opinion. Posted: 7:17 pm on June 28th

Pielove writes: Looks good-- I was wondering about this recipe, thanks for trying it! The scraping off and re-applying the crust seemed a bit fussy-- was it? Posted: 11:14 am on June 28th

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