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Apple Pie-rate Ship

This pie is in shipshape for summer

This pie is in shipshape for summer

By Sarah Begley, Editorial Intern

June 28th, 2010

My last post, on s’mores cookies, took the ingredients of a classic summer treat and put them together in a different way. This recipe, from Diamonds for Dessert, re-envisions another classic: apple pie. Though its ingredients are put together in the standard fashion (crust and filling), it is formed into a whole new shape. The writer, Susan, takes a traditional apple pie recipe and gives it sea legs. A hybrid between an art project and a baked good, this pie is delightful to look at (and, the author assures us, delicious as well).

Susan’s recipes all share a whimsical quality, and her repertoire spans from turtle-shaped bread to video game-themed cookies. While you might guess that she’s a mom trying to entertain her kids with baked goods, she’s actually an undergraduate biology student – which goes to show that these recipes can be fun for both children and those of us who are “young at heart!” If nautical baking is an interest of yours, she has also invented a recipe for pirate hat-shaped chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

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raitken_fcweb writes: I love that place where food and art meet. Susan's blog adds one more thing to the mix: pure fun. My kids thank you for highlighting this one. I don't know whether I want to make Jack Sparrow's hat or Harry Potter Puppet cookies first. Posted: 9:54 am on June 29th

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