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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Lemon Icebox Cake

By Pielove, member

June 30th, 2010

After my angel food cake fiasco, I was thinking about an alternative cake layer for this dessert. I hit upon the idea of something with ginger-- I love ginger and lemon together.  I made the gingersnaps from the Cookies special edition and layered them with the lemon mousse.  Wow.  The gingersnaps contribute more of a toothsome texture, although they will likely soften more, and the mousse is soft, fluffy, and delightfully lemony.  I had to finesse the mousse too, as I was out of eggs (drat that angel food cake).  So, I used whipped cream, dissolved the gelatin in some syrup left over from making candied orange and lemon peel, and folded it all together with some lemon curd left over from the other lemon dessert.  I'm sure it would be more cloud-like with the meringue, but this was absolutely delicious.  I will definitely make this again!

Recipe Used: Lemon Icebox Cake

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