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Win a Copy of Robb Walsh's Summer Sizzler: The Tex-Mex Grill

Update: Congrats to Carla L. Her comment was picked at random, so she'll be cooking out from The Tex-Mex Grill before the summer's out. Thanks for posting your comments, everyone!

Robb Walsh’s cookbooks are never just about cooking. Sure, this foray into the smoky, spicy world of Tex-Mex offers everything you’d want in a summer cookbook: 85 approachable recipes, advice on building a backyard barbecue, and instructions on starting a fire and cooking over it. The book’s real sizzle, however, comes from Walsh’s intrepid reporting and inimitable storytelling.

Sample a few of Robb's recipes and win a copy of this summer sizzler for yourself by leaving a comment describing your favorite Tex-Mex recipe. We'll pick a comment at random on Friday, August 13th.

Beef Short Ribs in Ancho-Molasses Sauce Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs Salty Perro Rojo
Beef Short Ribs in Ancho-Molasses Sauce   Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs   Salty Perro Rojo

As Walsh traces the history of outdoor cooking in Texas and northern Mexico, he zips across borders, gathering recipes from vaqueros, taqueros, and legendary restaurateurs. Walsh’s most important lesson learned? When it comes to grilling, there’s no right or wrong as long you’re having fun and the food tastes good.

More about this book: Published by Broadway Books, $19. Buy it on Amazon
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Comments (24)

ceeshell writes: Tex-Mex is tricky for me. I am lactose intolerant and part of the apparently 1$ of the people who don't like cilantro. but I do love shrimp or chicken fajitas without the cheese or cilantro. actually, at my house any leftover meat is fair game for a fajita with salsa, avocado, lightly sauteed red, or yellow peppers, mushrooms and onions. Posted: 3:34 am on August 14th

MikeyBBQ writes: I love making my Pork Carnitas. Completely reminds me of growing up in San Antonio. I use a marinade of orange and lime juice, chicken stock, garlic, jalapenos and cumin and then roast off the pork loin for a couple hours. Shred with your fingers and top off with some fresh homemade pico de gallo and charred corn tortillas and you have yourself some great Tex-Mex! Posted: 10:20 pm on August 13th

Texas_Foodie writes: My name says it all!! Texas Foodie.....and Tex Mex is what it's all about! Posted: 2:18 pm on August 13th

PixiePastry writes: My favorite is ANYTHING Tex-Mex! Hot and Spicy! I have made both of the tater salads and they are quite yummy. Winning this would enable me to make more - fingerscrossed. Posted: 6:10 pm on August 12th

sestinatim writes: Grilled southwest potato salad! It's a great change from other, creamy potato salad, and the grilled veggies add a surprising depth and smoky flavor. I like to throw on a few extra veggies when I'm grilling chicken or kabobs so I can make the potato salad with the leftovers. I've also used leftover grilled potatoes...yum! Posted: 9:46 pm on August 11th

AlwaysSearching writes: Beef & chipoltle potato salad
And I must admit a weakness for jalapeno poppers
How embarrassing ! Posted: 6:03 pm on August 11th

hotrodcatlady writes: Oh my gosh the beef short ribs look sooooo good. I would love to win this book. Posted: 5:25 pm on August 11th

klockrike writes: I love green chile enchiladas, especially if there are roasted tomatillos in the sauce and it is made from left over roast chicken. Yummy! Posted: 10:28 am on August 11th

beastwood writes: I love anything made with New Mexico green chiles. I love to make a white bean salad with diced green chiles, red and green bellpeppers, chopped fresh tomatoes and red onions in a light vinagrette. It's very bright and refreshing as well as a wee bit spicy. Posted: 12:55 am on August 11th

HummingbirdatRest writes: I make Southwestern Chicken Salad with Blackbean Salsa and also Chicken Chili both at least once a week. Leftover quick Chicken Chili even tastes better the next day and is great over rice, as a nacho topping, or in a funky asian/tex-mex fusion style lettuce wrap! Posted: 12:09 am on August 11th

wendi114 writes: I love the brisquit and bean chili.. .I have a recipe for chili with eat but it is an all day affair. Something easier would be nice. I had a great Tex-Mex cookbook until someone borrowed and didn't return it, so I would love a new one. Posted: 10:11 pm on August 10th

CarlaL writes: Poblanos are great, Black Beans are great, New Cookbooks are REALLY nice. Posted: 4:52 pm on August 10th

mintjulep writes: A chile rubbed brisket cooking low and slow over mesquite vs a cazuela of chunky texas style chili simmering on the back burner? It is a difficult call. Whichever we decide, we must consider rounding out the menu with guacamole, an olla of beans, corn tortillas and queso fresca ~ and if the garden tomatoes or tomatillos are ripe, salsa, salsa, salsa! Something tall and chilled to top it off? Y'all come! Posted: 3:14 pm on August 10th

blips writes: My favorite Tex-mex "recipes" include chipotle peppers, and are crowd pleasers! They are Chipotle Turkey Meatloaf and Turkey Tamale Pie topped with cornbread crust. Posted: 2:54 pm on August 10th

blips writes: My favorite Tex-mex "recipes" include chipotle peppers, and are crowd pleasers! They are Chipotle Turkey Meatloaf and Turkey Tamale Pie topped with cornbread crust. Posted: 2:53 pm on August 10th

blips writes: My favorite Tex-mex recipes involve ground Turkey and Chipotle peppers: Chipotle Turkey Meatloaf, and Turkey Tamale Pie topped w/cornbread crust- both crowd pleasers! Posted: 2:51 pm on August 10th

thewickednoodle writes: Flank Steak tacos and poblanos stuffed with just about anything! Tex-Mex is my absolute favorite type of cuisine! Posted: 6:58 pm on August 9th

fast231 writes: Living in Florida its hard to find good Tex-Mex. I'm not afraid to try a recipe. As a recently diagnoised diabetic, I am finding all cooking to be more of a challange, I'd love to win a copy of Robb Walsh's grilling book. My favorites are tacos, tamales and any kind of stuffed pepper. Posted: 4:37 pm on August 9th

Joaniemac writes: Did someone say spicy? Got my attention! We love all kinds of food and this cookbook looks like a winner! Tex Mex and the grill! How could it miss?? Posted: 4:08 pm on August 9th

PBryant writes: We live in Texas and love Tex-Mex!! I love to cook chili over the fire with homemade chili powder, serving it up with Southern Cornbread, avocados, and sour cream. Yum! Would love to have a copy of this book!! Posted: 10:45 pm on August 8th

dineindiva writes: Mmmm, chipotle black bean stuffed roasted poblanos topped with melted cheese. Posted: 9:47 pm on August 8th

Arkcook writes: I love Tex-Mex cooking, but my favorite "off topic" Tex-Mex is at Thanksgiving--Jalepeno-Cranberry Relish instead of the usual cranberry sauce. Lots of chunky fresh cranberries and a zing of jalepenos (the sauce is cooked to pop open the berries). Adds a spicy dimension to slices of turkey. Posted: 1:55 pm on August 8th

PolishQT writes: My husband hates Mexican but I took him to a Tex-Mex place in NYC and he liked it! So I would LOVE to win over my chef hubby with some Tex-Mex recipes at home!!! Hpefully he'll enjoy it as much as my 5 yr old and I love it!! Posted: 10:56 am on August 8th

pjhopper writes: I love Tex-Mex cooking. My favorite is fajitas with flank steak and lots and lots of peppers and onions. I love how fresh it tastes. Posted: 10:04 am on August 8th

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