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what is it?

Za'atar is both a Middle Eastern herb and a spice blend. The herb za'atar is so treasured for its savory-thyme-oregano flavor that it's called the "king of herbs." Za'atar, the spice blend, is a combination of dried za'atar, sesame seeds, ground sumac, and other herbs and spices. The blends vary from region to region, but, generally, the flavor is herbal and nutty.

how to choose:

The za'atar herb is rarely exported, so it's safe to assume that recipes calling for za'atar refer to the spice blend.

how to prep:

To get to know za'atar, we suggest you order a few different varieties and try them. One teaspoon of za’atar is a good starting point.

Read a post from our Test Kitchen for ideas for incorporating za'atar into recipes.

Comments (2)

johnsonpaul writes: gud one Posted: 12:45 am on March 11th

1cook writes: I make za'atar as follows:
2 Tbs sesame seeds, dry roasted, 1-1/2 Tbs dried thyme, crumbled, 1 Tbs dried marjoram or oregano, crumbled, 1 Tbs ground sumac.

This stores well and is excellent on cream cheese and toast. Posted: 8:41 am on April 1st

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