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In defense of frivolous bakeware

Courtesty of Jenny, author of

Courtesty of Jenny, author of

By evan barbour, editorial assistant

July 8th, 2010

I'm always looking for an excuse to buy new cookware and bakeware. Usually, if an item has more than one purpose, that's enough to convince me it's worth purchasing, and I've got plenty of blogs to speed up the process. A waffle iron? The Waffleizer convinces me that it's essential for making pizza. A Vita-Mix blender that costs a pretty penny? I've got several blogs in my arsenal that repeatedly tempt me from Google Reader.

But a muffin top pan? Until this morning, I'd yet to find this baking tool's reason to be. Sure, sugar-crusted, towering muffin tops are my favorite part of the breakfast baked good--aren't they everyone's?--but half the fun of eating it is pulling it off the paper-lined, significantly less attractive muffin bottom. Muffin top pans make acquiring the coveted prize far too simple. At least, that was my philosophy until this gem of a post  from Picky Palate popped up on my trusty Reader.

Jenny, the author of Picky Palate, likes to use her muffin top pan for cookies and these mini cheesecakes, which she calls Snickers Caramel Cheesecake Cookies (what a sugary-delicious mouthful that is!). The only thing I'd change about this recipe is that I'd make my own caramel, which she also recommends in place of the jarred stuff. Not only do they look absolutely decadent, but they've also convinced me that the humble muffin top pan is another vital addition to my bakeware collection. I'm going to keep an eye out for it in stores so that I can make these the next time I'm craving some serious dessert.

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NicChic writes: Muffin top pans are wonderful for mini pizzas and hamburger buns. That's two more uses.
Honestly, every kitchen tool I have I discover can be used for something else. Posted: 3:44 pm on September 20th

sbreckenridge writes: Right on. Lauren Chattman points out in the cookbook Dessert Express that muffin-top pans are perfect for mini layer cakes that bake in almost no time. Posted: 9:10 am on July 9th

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