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Slime-free Okra

Grilled Okra with Sriracha Sauce

Grilled Okra with Sriracha Sauce

By Jennifer Armentrout, editor

July 14th, 2010

Like many people, I'm not sure about okra. I've had it numerous times, but only liked it a few of those times. I just can't convince myself to enjoy the slimy quality that okra is famous for.

One thing I've learned is that the sliminess can be mitigated by the cooking technique used to prepare the okra. A few years ago, we published a really terrific Seafood Gumbo recipe by Poppy Tooker in which she recommended frying the okra before adding it to the gumbo in order to keep the slime at bay. That trick really works, and I love the okra in this gumbo.

So it was with great interest that I read this post on Viet World Kitchen about grilled okra. It sounds like grilling is another slime-killer. Fresh okra hasn't appeared in our Connecticut farmer's markets yet, but when it does, I'm going to give this a try. In the meantime, if anyone out there has ever tried grilled okra and wants to chime in on whether it's slime-free or not, please post a comment here.

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Comments (9)

Farahnadia writes: In Trinidad and Tobago, we cut okra which we call ochro in thin round slices. Then we dry it in the sun. After it is dried, we pan fry it with garlic, pepper and lots of onions. Then we eat it with roti. Roti is similar to Pita bread. Our version smells delicious and is never slimy. in many households, roti and ochro is an evening meal. Posted: 6:31 pm on February 27th

IndianFoodRocks writes: To get slime-free okra, you need to start with dry okra, a dry cutting board and knife. Clean the knife as you. Hot oil / high heat helps to seal the mucilage in and Indian cooks claim that dried mango powder or kokum (peel of garcinia indica) also stops the slime from oozing. Here's a link from my blog, if you're interested: Posted: 5:45 pm on September 3rd

kancook writes: yep.... grilling the okra is not only delish, it's slime-free ! Posted: 10:34 pm on August 3rd

Katypete writes: Who cares. You can't find it in the produce section very often. Posted: 8:31 pm on August 3rd

Katypete writes: Who really cares. You can't find it fresh in the produce section very often. Posted: 8:30 pm on August 3rd

FabFrugalFood writes: OhMyGosh. Slime-free okra! I love the stuff but hate dealing with the slime. THANK YOU! Posted: 4:06 pm on August 3rd

Supersewr writes: The absolute best way to have okra is fried. I cut okra in 3/4" slices, soak in buttermilk for 30 minutes and then drain. All the "goo" goes down the garbage disposal! Then shake in yellow cornmeal and fry in about 1" oil in a skillet. Hardly any makes it to the table! Even my teenage granddaughter likes it! A light dusting of parmesan cheese is also yummy. Posted: 2:59 pm on August 3rd

Cooper17 writes: Here in New Orleans, we prepare the okra by pan frying with a little bit of vineagar. The vineagar evaporates and the okra is not slimy. Posted: 2:44 pm on August 3rd

sittapygmaea writes: While not exactly the same, i usually pan-roast whole (trimmed) okra in a saute pan over high heat in a little ghee, and it does not get slimy this way. Once i roasted it in the oven with similar effect. I think cooking whole okra in a dry medium over high heat really helps keep away the slime while bringing out the flavor. Posted: 3:42 am on July 17th

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