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The Sweet Side of Smoking

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By evan barbour, editorial assistant

July 20th, 2010

Just yesterday at our Monday staff meeting, we were talking about one of our favorite features in the August/September issue of FC: Tea-Smoking. While our recipes highlight some great starring ingredients for the cooking method—fish, duck, etc—we were joking about all the other funny possibilities. Cheese? Why not. Strawberries? The jury's out. You know you're among food geeks when this is the funniest conversation you have all day.

And just this morning, as I commenced with my daily blog reading routine, a headline caught my eye and the meeting conversation echoed once again, but this time, it wasn't funny—it was seriously delicious! Chef Stephen Gibbs over at The Hands On Gourmet, a culinary events company and blog, wrote a post about a sweet experiment: instead of using a campfire to melt marshmallows for s'mores, he smoked them over a grill. He was rewarded with a dessert that had "an amazing bitter, nut, smoke, brown sugar and vanilla flavor," accentuated by a pinch of salt.

This post goes to prove that many a truth is often spoken in jest; the possibilities for tea-smoking go far beyond the recipes we've offered in the latest issue. Are you game to get adventurous with grill-smoking?

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GeorgeCooks writes: I was at a friend's who smoked a small wheel of cheese last weekend. It got too smoky, but was still delicious. Posted: 9:45 am on July 23rd

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