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Cook the Issue-Rustic Fig and Raspberry Mini Crostatas

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By user-4713770, member

July 22nd, 2010

There is a funny story about figs around this house since my fig tree only produced two crops in 15 years, unheard of here in NC!  Well it turns out that my husband trims it every year and I never see figs so I have to beg from friends or buy them at the stands.  I have since reminded him not to trim the fig tree and I keep a close eye on it, maybe next year!

Well, my friend brought me several figs yesterday and I made the lovely little crostatas.  I am not much of a baker and the dough for this is delicate to handle so I had to work fast and with my grand about and helping, we both got a little messy and testy, but the crostatas turned out pretty good. 



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user-4713770 writes: She really does help, but I have to control and direct as always. She ended mixing beef for burgers and shaping them and shucked the corn. So all in all a good helper. Posted: 9:33 am on July 23rd

Pielove writes: Beautiful! Was your grand helping or "helping"-- in quotes meaning making a mess and getting in the way, but having fun nevertheless. My daughter (same age as your grand) specializes in "helping". Posted: 9:10 pm on July 22nd

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