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Cook the Issue 2010: Grilled Bratwurst Sandwiches with Tomato Jam and Sauerkraut

By liamsaunt, member

July 27th, 2010

I will admit that I used kielbasa instead of bratwurst, but that is what was available at my farmers market.  Plus I like kielbasa better.    I loved the tomato jam--it really cooked down to a thick and completely spreadable paste, and I also enjoyed the cumin in the sauerkraut.  I did end up adding some grainy mustard after a couple of bites--I love mustard with sausage.  The sandwich bread was not even really needed--I could have made a meal from the meat, jam, and kraut.  

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Pielove writes: Kielbasa sandwiches and potato salad with bacon? Sounds like you had a great dinner-- excellent cooking! Posted: 7:35 am on July 28th

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