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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Fried Chicken

By Pielove, member

August 12th, 2010

Wow, this was great and so easy-- I had never made fried chicken before and it came out perfect the first time.  My daughter was completely nuts about this too-- she says "It was so good that I almost fell over!".  I only had a 10-inch pan, so I had to do the chicken in 2 batches.  I can't wait to try the leftovers...

Recipe Used: Classic Fried Chicken

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liamsaunt writes: Welcome back! This chicken is really good leftover-it stays pretty crispy. We just ate it cold with some sliced tomatoes. The only thing I am going to change next time (and there will be a next time!) is to add some cayenne to the buttermilk brine. Posted: 7:54 pm on August 12th

Pielove writes: Thanks ICD, good to be back and doing a little cooking! Also good to "see" you-- it seems you and liamsaunt have been busy! I'm going to scan through the posts for a little inspiration! Posted: 4:40 pm on August 12th

user-4713770 writes: Hey pie, good to see you here again and so glad that you tried the fried chicken recipe and it looks perfect. Glad that your little one enjoyed it as well.

I don't fry chicken too often, but every now and then get a craving for grands call it "chicken on the bone" and when we head to the beach it is almost a requirement to get fried chicken, but now I'll just plan ahead and make it myself.

Having more fun with tomatoes today, but I'm done now. Posted: 11:15 am on August 12th

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