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Cook the Issue 2010: Eggplant, Tomato, and Mozzarella Stack

By Pielove, member

August 12th, 2010

Ooh, architectural and tasty!  I made pasta puttanesca for dinner tonight (a husband and daughter favorite) and this was an excellent accompaniment.  As liamsaunt said, this could easily be a light dinner itself-- a good thing, as I am getting tired of pasta puttanesca (c.f. husband and daughter favorite, above).  We are just getting good tomatoes, so these are probably not heirloom-- but, being among the first, they are certainly treasured.  

My stack came out very tall, so I had to demolish it before eating-- lots of fun.  Since I was making puttanesca sauce, I added some capers and garlic to the dressing for extra zing.  Despite the heavy shadow, I like this photograph because it looks like the capers on the right side of the top tomato slice are about to jump off, lemming-like, onto the plate.  Whee!

Recipe Used: Eggplant, Heirloom Tomato...Stack

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Pielove writes: Yeah, it was really substantial-- you could definitely make it smaller with thinner slices and smaller diameter veggies, though. Posted: 5:13 pm on August 13th

user-4713770 writes: Oh that looks good! I was thinking of making the stack for Sunday, but just looking at it, I know it will be too much with our pasta dinner. I was actually thinking of making a mini version for an appetizer. I'll have to think on it. Posted: 8:24 am on August 13th

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