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Cook the Issue 2010: Chi Chi Pache

By liamsaunt, member

August 14th, 2010

This tastes like a more complex pina colada.  It took me five liquor stores to find the pimiento dram (and I have completely given up on finding the falernum for the liftoff recipe!).  It really adds a unique flavor to the drink.  I like the grated cinnamon on top too.

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Pielove writes: I'm glad this was more to your taste than the barbary swizzle-- especially because now that you have the pimento dram, you are equipped to make a LOT of these, haha! Great job ingredient hunting. These look great-- I totally want one and it's 6AM Chicago time. Posted: 7:14 am on August 15th

user-4713770 writes: What was the point of publishing the recipe if it was almost impossible to find the ingredients. The challenge, I suppose is to find the drink ingredients. I really don't care for pina colladas so great loss for me.

ABC employees hate to see me come in the door, all three stores nearby, don't have a clue what I am talking about half the time and with the exception of Tito's Vodka, I have had no luck at all with many of the drink ingredients suggested in FC.

I think that Pie suggested making pimento dram...not a chance and what would I use the rest of it for?

Posted: 10:15 pm on August 14th

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