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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Banana Cream Tarts with Chocolate Sauce

By Pielove, member

August 27th, 2010

Wow, what a tart!  This is a wonderful combination of flavors and textures with crumbly crust (not to sweet!) and soft bananas and pastry cream, plus rich chocolate sauce.  The whole process is really fussy with a lot of components, but each part is simple and the dessert comes together beautifully.  

The whole thing would make a great tart baked in a tart pan-- I found the individual crust rectangles prone to breakage.  Also, I prefer bananas cut into circles-- I think they look cuter than slabs, so I would make a layer of overlapping circles.

Well, this was delicious, but I my vote in the Classic/Update goes to the Classic Bananas Foster:

1. The Classic is WAY less fussy for an equally impressive and delicious result.  I may make that again with my remaining bananas.

2. The Classic has more caramel and rum flavor-- the update just has a little of each.

3. The update isn't really Bananas Foster at all-- it's crossed over into Banana Cream Pie Update land.  Of course, it would make a superb updated BCP-- in that matchup, the update just might win.

4. And the deciding factor-- Classic Bananas Foster has BIG FIRE!!!  

Recipe Used: Banana Cream Tarts with Chocolate Sauce

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Comments (2)

Pielove writes: Ha, yes I think the fireman's sausage is the last flaming recipe I need to do from this issue! Posted: 3:34 pm on August 28th

liamsaunt writes: Looks great! I agree with you though, that the classic was better. Thist tart was just too much work when you get a better flavor from the easy classic bananas foster recipe.

You must have the firmman's sausage recipe in your list of upcoming projects since you like recipes with fire in them! Posted: 10:06 am on August 28th

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