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Cook the Issue 2010: Tomato Puree--> Cream of Tomato Soup

By Pielove, member

August 30th, 2010

Yes, I did have tomato soup twice today-- this was lunch and the spicy gazpacho accompanied dinner.  I was working at my computer and thinking about what to serve my daughter and the babysitter for lunch when I remembered my stock of tomato puree.  I used a little for the tomato ice flowers in the gazpacho and made a quick cream soup with the rest-- just a roux with onions, butter, and flour, then the tomato puree and some whole milk.  A quick whiz with the immersion blender, then a snip of chives, and voila!  The soup got a thumbs up from everyone and was perfect with a grilled cheese.  

One thing I have noticed is that the homemade tomato puree needs more salt than my usual canned tomatoes.  I need to acquire more tomatoes to lay in a real supply-- what a great resource.

Recipe Used: My Own Design - Cream of Tomato Soup

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liamsaunt writes: I found the same thing with my puree re: salt level. I used a jar of mine to make some sauce last week, and I felt like I had to add much more salt than I was expecting to get it to taste right.

Your soup looks great! Of course that is because I am in an air-conditioned building. It's 94 degrees outside right now! Posted: 2:09 pm on August 31st

Pielove writes: Thanks ICD and good luck weathering Earl! Posted: 8:40 am on August 31st

user-4713770 writes: Forgot to thank you for the soup idea! Posted: 7:30 am on August 31st

user-4713770 writes: Very nice! I love having the puree in the freezer for sauces and soups. I was just looking at our weather and given the fact that Earl will be visiting our coast I was getting a list prepared for easy dinner.

Roasted tomato basil soup is on my list to have with Saveur's Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Earl Fest!

Posted: 7:28 am on August 31st

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