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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Mexican Chicken Mole

By Pielove, member

September 2nd, 2010

We love mole and are lucky to live in a city with a large Mexican population, so we can get great mole of many different types (red, black, green, etc) in restaurants.  So, when I saw this recipe come online, it went right to the top of my list.  Now, I may have trouble finding fresh rosemary, or lemons* at my local grocery store, but as far as chiles, my local has it covered-- and then some.  

As for the turkey, I prefer to use farmers' market poultry and I didn't have any turkey but I did have a lovely, huge chicken.  I used the white meat for the quick chicken parmesan yesterday and poached the dark meat at the same time.  Everything else came together beautifully this morning.  Now, I used to consider baking an apple pie as the ultimate kitchen aromatherapy, but this mole was amazing-- what a delicious smell!  And the taste-- well, it was two thumbs up from the adults, but a bit spicy for the kid.  Another great thing-- this recipe makes lots of mole, so I have stowed the excess in the freezer for future quick meals.  An excellent recipe!

*no joke-- I once could not find any lemons-- turns out one has to ask for limones amarillo, or yellow limes.

Recipe Used: Mexican Turkey Drumstick Mole

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Pielove writes: Hey ICD! This one is good-- have you gotten the new issue yet? There is a whole article by Bruce Adiels (sp?) on using turkey parts-- the mole is the leg recipe, then he has separate thigh and breast recipes-- they all sound great. I'm glad we like turkey, because there are a lot of turkey recipes in 107.
Also, let me know if you have trouble finding the chiles and I will mail you some... (liamsaunt, this goes for you too). Posted: 8:23 pm on September 3rd

user-4713770 writes: How did I miss that one? Looks delicious and I have some frozen drumsticks and thighs begging to be used! Posted: 10:04 am on September 3rd

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