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A New Way to Watch Recipes: Tomato Bruschetta

In our Best of the Blogs, we usually feature a must-read from one of our favorite bloggers. This post is in the same spirit, but a little different; I’m sharing a must-see instead. And John Ross isn’t a blogger, he’s just a guy producing a totally new kind of how-to cooking video.

There’s no verbal instruction in John’s Tomato Bruschetta video, just the smoky serenade of Maria Rita in the background and the sounds of slicing bread, chopping tomatoes, and grinding pepper, each step, music in its own way.

Despite the lack of verbal cues, you’re in no danger of missing an important step or technique. John’s shots create a sense of intimacy with the ingredients and his process. You can just about smell the tomatoes, garlic, and basil. And it helps that he uses simple recipes as his subjects. This video draws from Tasha Prysi’s Basic Bruschetta recipe (he makes her variation with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil) published in Fine Cooking several years ago. It really holds up. The timing is good, too, since many of you are looking for ways to put your tomato harvest to good use right now.

There’s value in having a person talk you through a recipe, step by step, especially if it’s your first time making the dish. But every once in a while it’s nice to watch a cooking video that’s a real feast for the senses, where the food is lovingly prepared and thoroughly enjoyed—I’m assuming—once the camera goes black.

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Comments (6)

farmdog9 writes: I can not see the video. Vimeo says it is a private video :( Posted: 10:28 am on February 3rd

chocolatediva67 writes: VERY NICE! SOMTHING I ENJOY DOING IN THE SUMMER.DOING ON THE GRILL. Posted: 12:59 am on September 20th

DMickelsen writes: Wow, Robyn! I loved this video... made my mouth water. Thanks! Posted: 3:12 pm on September 17th

raitken_fcweb writes: Hadn’t noticed, actually. Though, I have to say, I’m not turned off by a little dirt under the nails, especially if it got there while you were picking my dinner from the garden. ;) Posted: 1:36 pm on September 10th

rfelker writes: Nice video except for the dirty fingernails. Thats a turn off for me! Posted: 9:50 pm on September 8th

maryprouty writes: Yahoo Baby, makes my mouth water. My husband and I love some good bruschetta with a good glass of wine while cooking dinner or an appetizer. Not a bad way to start and unwind after a long day! Posted: 6:45 pm on September 7th

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