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Cook the Issue 2010: French Apple Pie

By Pielove, member

September 16th, 2010

This tasted really good-- I love butter, apples, and graham cracker crumbs!  Keeping in mind the comments about how sweet it was, I cut the sugar down to 1/4 cup and used brown sugar instead of white-- it was perfectly sweetened-- any more and it would have been too sweet.  The crust was very crumbly, I think it would benefit from being baked, as most graham cracker crusts are.  The author and I clearly share a love of lots of graham cracker crust-- this was nice and thick.

 However, I am a bit mystified about the "pie" nature of this dessert-- it did seem more like an unconsolidated pile of brown ingredients-- it certainly didn't slice well.  I think ICD was right that this is a cold crisp or something.  In retrospect, I'm sorry I used my beige stoneware pie plate-- it needed a bit of color somewhere.  Also, cold apple pie??

Recipe Used: French Apple Pie

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Pielove writes: Okay, after a night in the 'fridge (the pie, not me), this pie has really come together-- it slices better, and the flavors have commingled in a good way, with no sogginess. I am really enjoying it cold for second breakfast. Definitely cut down the sugar-- it is plenty sweet with just 1/4c-- next time I might use even less, depending on the apples. Posted: 11:44 am on September 17th

liamsaunt writes: I was thinking the same thing--that it sounded like a crisp. I bet it would be tastier heated up and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Not sure if I am going to make this one but if I do I'll cut down on the sugar as you mentioned. Posted: 9:23 am on September 17th

Pielove writes: That cake (I assume you mean the pumpkin brown butter) is indeed spectacular. Do double the topping recipe-- it is a yummy snack all by itself. I am on to the tarte tatin next and I cannot wait! But first we have to eat up the apple hodgepodge, yummy mess that it is! Posted: 9:14 am on September 17th

user-4713770 writes: That's funny, about the pie plate, me too! I won't make this recipe again though, for a much baking that I don't do, I wanted spectacular and this was on to "the" cake recipe for next week. Posted: 8:15 am on September 17th

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