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Got candy? Pappabubble certainly does!

Got candy? Pappabubble certainly does!

By Denise Mickelsen, senior editor

September 22nd, 2010

I don’t really like candy. Sure, it’s sweet, and often colorful, and the stuff of Halloween dreams, but I’d rather have a piece of pie for dessert or a handful of salty potato chips for a snack. With that said, this story about a crazy Willy Wonka-meets-mad scientist candy store—Papabubble—totally made me crave a piece of hard candy (preferably with my name written inside!). There’s a gorgeous video embedded in the story, too.  

Ever been to a Papabubble? Is it as cool as it sounds?

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Pielove writes: Thanks for sharing this one-- that video is really cool. My daughter wants to watch it again! Must make taffy... Posted: 9:47 pm on September 24th

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