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Cook the Issue 2010: 150th Post!! Delicata Enchilada Casserole with Red Chile Sauce and Poblano-Pepita Salsa

By Pielove, member

October 2nd, 2010

This is a great recipe, but what a project-- luckily everything can be made in advance, then comes together quite easily.  We love enchiladas-- my daughter loves the meat, I love the chile-coated tortillas, and my husband loves the red sauce.  I used the leftover roasted turkey breast here (along with some of the bacon, haha) and it was a big hit.  I have been inundated with squash from the CSA box, so I used some cute little Delicatas to good culinary and rhyming effect.  The sweetness of the squash with the richness and complex flavors of the chile sauce, plus the meaty turkey made a great combination.  The sparky salsa also was tasty and added some fresh herbal flavors to the complex melded flavors of the enchiladas.  I might add some raw onions to the salsa next time-- or with the leftovers tomorrow!

Recipe Used: Pumpkin Enchilada....

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Pielove writes: Thanks liamsaunt! You must be very close to 150 also-- almost there! As for the casserole, it made an okay leftover-- it loses some of its nice layering and becomes more of a gamish. Still tastes great, though. One possibility would be to make two small casseroles and freeze one before baking-- I bet that would work well. Posted: 8:59 pm on October 3rd

liamsaunt writes: Congratulations on 150!! I am looking forward to getting there myself--I want that cookbook! :-)

I am glad you made this casserole--I've been contemplating it but wondering if it was too much work. It really sounds like something I would like, so based on your good review I think I might put it together this week.

Please report back on how it made out as a leftover. I'd definitely have leftovers. Posted: 10:25 am on October 3rd

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