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Cook the Issue 2010

Cook the Issue 2010: Gravy for fried chicken

By Pielove, member

October 9th, 2010

The fried chicken was a huge hit with my family the first time I made it, but I somehow missed the gravy recipe, which is an online extra.  So, here it is again-- once more, with gravy.  We are used to a gravy made with drippings from a roasted bird, so this gravy was okay, but not all that.  Time to roast a turkey!

Recipe Used: Classic Fried Chicken

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liamsaunt writes: Just looking at this picture has me thinking about changing next week's menu to include fried chicken! We are having baja-style fish tacos today so another fried dish is probably not a good idea, but I am so very tempted... Posted: 10:06 am on October 10th

user-4713770 writes: I really think that homemade chicken stock makes a huge difference in gravy, especially when the parts are roasted. I always roast parts for chicken, minus the liver, and gravy stocks.

Everyone has a secret to good gravy and mine is simmering the stock down for a more intense flavor before adding into the pan drippings. When my roux is browned to my liking, I remove half of it and add in about 2 cups broth/season with pepper and thyme in this case and simmer until reduced by half, I might do this 2 more times before I add the reserved roux if the gravy needs it and season with salt at the end. Along with the lemon juice in this recipe, add a little zest.

A lot of chicken broths are so weak in flavor especially for gravies, so I might at some beef broth or stock for a flavor boost. Works for me.

Posted: 5:00 am on October 10th

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