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I'm Selfish When It Comes To Shellfish

Butter Poached Lobster with Fresh Tomatoes

Butter Poached Lobster with Fresh Tomatoes

  • Butter Poached Lobster with Fresh Tomatoes
  • Lobster Mac n Cheese

By Nicole Celli, Editorial Intern

October 22nd, 2010

I love lobster. It doesn't matter what season it is, or even what time of day. Whenever my dad and I go out to dinner, if there is lobster on the menu, you can be sure that I'm ordering it. It's almost embarrassing how easily I can take down a 1 1/2 pound lobster. Sadly, I don't have the means to be spending $30 on one meal, but good ol' dad does. Over the summer, my sister decided to make lobster at home, and I realized they're so easy to prepare that even an amateur chef like myself can make them at home without emptying my entire wallet.

Steamy Kitchen's Jaden Hair offers two simple and delectable recipes that I just can't wait to try: Butter Poached Lobster with Fresh Tomatoes, and Lobster Mac n' Cheese.

Pictures accompany each step, making execution of these dishes easy. Useful tip from Jaden: instead of using a traditional cracker, she uses sharp kitchen shears to get the meat out of the shells cleanly and without any juice squirting everywhere.


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barbski writes: I dislike paying those prices in the restaurant, So whenever live lobster goes on sale I buy it and I make it at home. It's so easy and I can get as messy as I want at home. Even wear my grubbies in comfort. Posted: 11:42 am on December 15th

shazzzz writes: Oh yes, yummy...they recently opened a very cute place in the East Village, LUKE'S...I can get a whole or even a 1/2 lobster roll to tide me over when the craving hits....
I make them at home also......sooo good. Posted: 10:32 am on October 25th

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