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Cook the Issue 2010 Tortellini in Brodo A Sad Tale and a Cook the Issue Disaster

By user-4713770, member

November 11th, 2010

I wish I had pictures to browse, but I erased my cell phone SD card thinking that the photos were downloaded to Verizon V cast once I returned home, but since I didn't push import, I lost my pictures of a few recipes that I made out in Idaho.  So with a little luck, I might still have the picture of the tortellini, such as they are, on my daughter's computer and will post it when I am out there in December. 

Tortellini is so tedious and not at all my favorite pasta to make unless I have a lot of help, but I gave it a shot and made just a few at least a dozen and made spaghetti with the rest of the dough.  My granddaughter enjoyed making the spaghetti, but she couldn't get the hang of the tortellini and quite frankly mine were not so pretty either. 

The filling was good and I added just a little whipping cream to smooth it out.  I added the rest of the filling to a mushroom ragu making for a tasty Bolognese type sauce in the end that was pretty darn good.

So sad, but I had to share a Cook the Issue disaster.  Will I make tortellini again? No...

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user-4713770 writes: I had to attach a picture so it was the same margarita recipe that I had after the pasta making episode but one that I had on file.

Oh my gosh, I am too old for tortellini making. None of my Italian grandmothers or aunts are alive so no one to consult with, ha, they would have said don't bother the Italian markets have perfectly acceptable tortellini already made.

The brodo, well I'll make that here at home and I'll go buy some tortellini, so I will admit that I will cheat to some degree, made and ate the pasta in Idaho, hoping that the pictures are still on DD's computer, but brodo at home. Cappelletti in brodo is another dish that I love.

Making brodo is not at all complicated and there are always nice meat and chicken scraps in the freezer along with pork butt bone and I'll pick up a veal shank when I'm out. If you can make beef and chicken stock, you can make brodo. I add the rind of Parmesan for added flavor

I'll do raviolis any day no more tortellini! And Pie, I won't make puff pastry either.

Now I need to see where my darn pasta with artichokes ran off to... Posted: 10:02 pm on November 11th

Pielove writes: ICD, too bad with the tortellini-- great idea to make spaghetti and then use the filling in the sauce! My mom does something similar with the Polish dumplings (pierogies)-- she just makes the filling and then mixes it with egg noodles for "lazy pierogies". That cocktail looks good!

I agree that the tortellini are really labor intensive-- I think they are even worse than the Wellington. liamsaunt, great idea to have a party-- if either of you will be in Chicago before Feb 1st (the end of the contest) then you are invited over! Posted: 9:27 pm on November 11th

liamsaunt writes: So, is this a picture of the cocktail you made yourself to console for the tortellini disaster? :-)

I am impressed that you even attempted that super-complicated recipe. Did you make the brodo with all those meats also? I could not believe how labor intensive that recipe was. I am not trying to make it myself! Posted: 6:18 pm on November 11th

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